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  1. I wonder what the difference is with the bio you were using and the bio I make ? Ive been doing b100 for 6-7 years now, and never heard of issues other than on to old a vehicle and needing new fuel lines with viton or things along that line from the very old stock fuel lines going soft as B100 is a very powerful cleaner. should be the same motor with same fuel pump ect...I will pm the pure's numbers to you later when its home. wife has it at work . I cant say it was the #8 into the country, only the #8th sold here as we were told by TPM...
  2. are you getting your bio from a retailer? we've had B100 in the main smart car since new, #8 car sold in Canada, and running the passion now on it. its much happier than on dino dieselyou can run it in Mercedes and others, but the manufactures only say to run B20 as thats where the rebates max out for resale, here in Canada the rebate for resale was B5 for years, now I believe its B10 .its not that the fuel is "bad" its all just business "BIG business"
  3. Hi, It looks more complicated than it seems. you can find online directions on how to make a processor , PLEASE don't use the one that makes a processor from a hot water heater, its seems easyier , but you dont get all the glycerin out and it will destroy your motor . There is a small amount of glycerin left in the biodiesel and it has to settle out, it drops to the bottom like a stone!!! any diesel will run on B100 meaning 100% biodiesel, its all we run 11 months of the year, but here in Victoria only one month is cold enough where I run pump fuel. you can expect to kill 2 fuel filters using it as it scrubs the walls of your diesel tank and that gunk will get caught in your filter. so if you use it. change your filter after 2 weeks, and then again 2 weeks later and you will feel more power. Tecnically it has about 10% less power than pump fuel, but at $.35/L who cares.... if you get a couple like minded people together, it can be a fun thing to produce. I love the sense of fuel independence . the motor will run smoother and a bit more quiet and has a distinct smell. if you were here, I could walk you through it. you can literally take a 4L milk jug with 3L of waste vegitable oil , Dirty as hell but filtered and make biodiesel in about 30 min. after that you will need to clean it. but the initial chemistry is done and you have dirty bio. then you clean it and you have the next day something that can power your car or furnace. I stop using it briefly when it gets below 5*c as it will cloud up and I just prefer to not have any issues.
  4. if you can get high grade solvant, I use 45g drums of methanol, (race gas) cheap if you know where to buy it. some KOH, fertilizer, or (lye) . you can make it in 4L milk jugs. I used to show people how to make it in a 1 L water bottle. they could actually watch it happen over 20 min. I have a large processor, so can make as much as I have oil from. so I do get the oil for free, catch is I agree to take it all year, not just when its nice out... I can scan the basic instructions on how to make it if you like. have it on a laminated sheet for when im absent minded... you can use varsol, but its expensive, maybe still cheaper than pump diesel though for the 20% you use... I use methanol because its such a high grade and its so cheap for me. I am also so cheap then when im done, my glycerin goes into a heating tank and I let the methanol evaporate into a still like thing I made and I recoup my excess methanol. Im a real cheap bugger....Dont smoke while making the methanol portion, if there are any smokers left out there. I dont even know of any here so...have good ventilation.... I use a single car garage, but have made it in a carport. let me know if you want the recipe and steps to follow. I might tig up a mini processor out of a couple old stainless kegs I have around, much nicer than the polly processor tanks I use now...
  5. How many others make their own B100? I make my own and have for years now. only own diesels and heated my house on it before going to a heat pump. Its dead easy to brew up. my cost to make B100 is up from $.33/L to $.35/L with the rising cost of some of the hydro and koh to brew it. but I recoup my methanol to reuse it so I haven't factored that in. if I sell my glycerin (byproduct) to concrete form workers, for $20/5g pail my cost is about $.5/L Its hard to get people to try and make it when the smartys get such amazing millage. but I sure like having an extra few hundred liters of B100 in the garage... I watch the fuel costs going up and up and up and think how do people in SUV's ect do it?
  6. how are your brakes feeling? spongy? sounds like either brake fluid, or you have Transfluid from a cooler up front. ...
  7. good point, all I can say is when it was presented to TPM they were forced to honor their own ad....Cant say what the rest of Canada will say. but it does tow a small trailer very well.
  8. I think some plastic polish compound would clean that up nicely...I like the lights.
  9. I was asked to scan this and post so here it is. Side note, my parents bought a 450, one of the first here in BC, they were rearended by a motrorcycle and when TPM here in VIC did the inspection , they threw the hitch in the trash and said the hitch voided the warrantee as they were never designed to tow. 30 min later my father was at the dealer with the original ad that TPM was giving out to pre-sell the cars. Clearly states they can tow , and the service manager was not impressed when they had to pay to replace the tow hitch and wanted the only copy we had of the ad, That was not going to happen, Long story short. I was advised to NEVER loose this ad by them as it was legally binding to show hitches could be used and Smarty's are able to tow... Feel free to download and print it, or re-scan it to make a pdf.
  10. Welcome, Im also in Vic, with a pair of 450's #8 in Canada and not sure of my new one...
  11. I found brand new stock turbos last year for the 05 td for $850 here in BC. put one on my pure. will try and dig up the bill.anyone want to try and do a group buy to see about a lower price?
  12. [Do you know if anyone is putting any vegi oil or anything in to plump up the seals? I know with my other diesels the ULSD is so dry and the motors are designed for it, but a few friends had IP's start to leak and we always put about 1 liter in every so often in summer to keep the pump extra lubricated, one friend with the RHD delica had his leaking really bad, put in 4 Liters one week and again the next and the seals went back to plumpness and the leak stopped completly , I now use it also on a regular basis, just seems to quiet the motor a bit and smooth it out.
  13. This is the turbo on my 05 450 Passion, has 30,000 km, as you can see its very fugly, oil everwhere, clamps are a bit loose, oil covering everything but not dripping onto exhaust or driveway, so I cleaned it up a bit, and will pull the back vallance/panel off again in a couple weeks to see if I can track down any other leaks or tweek anything to make it stay close to the after picture..... I cleaned it while on the car to avoid major headaches, and will try and remember to post if I find anything worth mentioning .
  14. This is one of my peices from my smart car hitch stockpile, CWB seems to think it will and the welding will hold up for a medium duty hitch, making another one today with a new addition built in, and shorter distance sticking out of the car. I would use the smaller receiver but I like the ease of using any hitch mount carrier racks, bike racks anything without sourcing adapters.