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  1. Thank you, Sir, may I have another? This morning, east Ottawa-ish. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/smart-car-fire-ottawa-1.4442705
  2. I swapped our winter tires on, and for the first time in 30 years of driving experienced less road noise on dry pavement with winters than with summers. Perhaps I should stop cheaping-out on summer rubber...
  3. We tend to call ours simply "The Smart" or "The Go Kart". The closest which my wife & I have ever come to naming our vehicles is to refer to my current motorcycle my Italian Mistress from time-to-time.
  4. I ended up going the whole nine yards, as after I got under the car I found that the damage to the flex pipe had worsened since my last look, plus it would have been a bugger to get the welding gun up near the top end of the pipe with all components still in the car. Mild steel flux core wire appears to have fused with both the new flex pipe and the OEM steel nicely. I will say one thing, which is that if I ever have deal with the cat-to-muffler flange bolts again I am going to remove more body panels and the bumper bar. Fitting my hands and a couple of wrenches up in there (from below) to re-attach the system was a "joy" like no other.
  5. Thanks, a successful weld with mild steel is reassuring. On the assumption that the pipes are mostly T304 stainless I was looking at some dual shield flux core wire, but I have only seen it listed in 25lb spools so far and those are approaching the cost of a replacement muffler! I'll see about having a go at tacking the slipping pipe back in to place next weekend, and add replacing it to my to-do list. I have to deal with what looks like two sprag clutch replacements on our bikes so if I can band-aid the Smart for the time being I will.
  6. G'day, Does anyone happen to know what type(s) of metal make up the joint between the muffler's flex pipe and the rigid section just down stream of the manifold flange? At ~90,000km the flex pipe on ours is failing just a bit down stream from the manifold flange. It is no longer affixed to the rigid portion of the pipe, and it can slide back & forth a ways without coming completely free. The resulting noise is not unreasonable (yet), but the failure is allowing the muffler to swing in the hangers and it's slowly bashing a divot out of the rear skirt. I have half a mind to try to tack weld the two sections back together rather than dropping half a grand on a new assembly, but I have no idea what type of wire I would need to use.
  7. What on earth is that green mesh thing over the roof I wonder?
  8. There's not much to it. Make sure that you walk away with a bill of sale which includes: Name & signature of seller Name & signature of buyer Year, Make, Model, VIN of vehicle Purchase price Date of purchase If it's a private sale, you have no QC sales tax to worry about. If you're purchasing it from a (QC) dealer, they may charge you QST. You can request a refund of the tax from Revenu Quebec by filling out & submitting the form found at this link. Registering the vehicle on the Ontario side is pretty much the same song and dance as it is with any other private vehicle transfer. Edited to add: I recommend you get the vehicle's VIN before you commit to purchase, and have a Service Ontario office run it for you & report the branding. QC's vehicle registration may not reflect that the vehicle was previously branded as salvage or irreparable in ON, but it will come up when you try to register it in ON. Vehicles branded as Salvage or Irreparable in ON cannot be plated & put on the road.
  9. I wonder if that can take a bump without the sled and/or lumber becoming an impromptu set of wheelie bars?
  10. 9,000rpm, are you sure?!
  11. So, let's analyze this... tolsen post #34: Android tablet appears to auto-capitalize as some would desire. tolsen post #36: iPhone appears to need a period followed by a CR. tolsen post #38: Post from a laptop and get what you give without interpretation. I can also verify that posting from a Windows- or LInux-based PC does the same. smartnhappy post #37 (and others): iPad posts seem to have the worst of the issue. Seems to be a client issue, not a problem with the forum software.
  12. No disrespect intended, but all conventional keyboards, smart phones, and tablets have a shift function. Unless you're using speech-to-text or some other accessibility technology, complaining about the lack of auto-capitalization seems to me to be a bit petty.
  13. Re-posting from here ... help me get this stuff out of my basement! OEM winter floor mats, including driver's side fixing pins Left side headlight assembly Best offer for each item above. Located in K7C 3P2, will ship at purchaser's expense if desired. Contact via PM please. Brackets for installing Hella Micro DE fog lamps in place of the grille-mounted turn signals, never used. $20 firm Located in K7C 3P2, will ship at purchaser's expense if desired. Contact via PM please.
  14. Check the reluctor rings on the rear axles - they're prone to cracking, which confuses the traction control system
  15. G'day, The sun shade in our car has been cranky ever since we brought it home in October, but has been a relatively low priority item on my to-do list. Until yesterday, when the rear spool completely came free and fell on my head while driving. It looks as though the two rear-most mounting posts on the driver's side failed, and this likely allowed enough play for the spool to drop out. Does anyone happen to know what type of plastic the mounting strips are made of? There are no discernible markings on the components other than part numbers. By feel and appearance of the break it reminds me of ABS, but I'm no expert. If possible I would prefer to use a solvent cement for a lasting repair, but will see how methacrylate holds up if it's an unknown.