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  1. Someone else in Winnipeg, finally. Wecome.
  2. I am curious, how do you properly remove the old pulley and torque the free wheel in place?
  3. Around a 1 second improvement in acceleration would be worth it if it is only around $56 CDN. I found a cross reference SKF VKM 03302 or GATES OAP7080It looks like it was used on lots of smaller diesel engines. Nothing looks like it was available in Canada or the US but very possibly Mexico.
  4. I use Opera as well and get the same warning message. Today is the first time I have seen this for this site.
  5. I think the stock pistons are 65.50 mm, next size up 65.750 mm, last is 66.00 mm so first overbore is .010" over. I don't know what the clearance is supposed to be so I don't know if it is worn or not. The bearing surfaces all seem to be within spec, bore really isn't oval and pistons only show signs of wear of the coating but the egr failed so it pumped the engine full of grit. There is 0.003" clearance between the piston and the bore, it isn't 0.003" oversize. Anyone know what the clearance should be?
  6. It appears that like stickman I am working on an engine rebuild. I have a copy of the manual but it isn't the most informative. I have not been able to find the tolerance for the cylinder bore to piston before I need to go next size up. At 180k this little cdi has 2 thou in cylinders 1 and 2 and 0.003 in # 3. That seems OK to me but I can't find a spec to anywhere to confirm or deny it. I need to know if I just need rings or of if need oversize pistons. Does anyone know what the tolerance is?
  7. Thanks for the link. I didn't realize that the gas engine clutch was the same as the cdi. I saw they were different part numbers but I will certainly give this a try, I'll just skip pulling the spark plugs out.
  8. I pulled the subframe and everything associated to do an engine rebuild and decided that this was a good time to see if the clutch disc needs replacing. The clutch and the flywheel came off quite easily as an assembly but I'm not sure how to get to the disc. I see that in most cases the disc, flywheel and pressure plate are sold as a unit but I have also seen the them sold as just the pressure plate and flywheel. How do I get to the disc to inspect it? The car had a dead engine when I bought it with 185k on it so if I'm in here I might as well do it if it needs it. Thanks.
  9. 1. raversnet2. Blitz3. Turbomar4. krankshaft5. Bub6. Zlemonz7.rustyvolvo8.If the stainless EGR bypass pipes are still being planned count me in.
  10. I just got an email back from Naczke NHR and he had quoted me 85 Euros delivered. I asked for a quote as it sounded like there weren't any new ones being made out here. The units do look like they are well done. This should be the address for the post, I used google translate to figure it out. Put me down on the list for one.
  11. Just got the head off of my 185 k Km cdi and I appear to be suffering from the receeding valve problem. What are my options? I suspect it will be a replacement rebuilt head. Any suggestions for where to get a rebuilt one, I'm in Winnipeg so I suspect it will be shipping from somewhere else. Has anyone tried repairing one with new seats, all I can think of is all those little chunks of aluminum sitting waiting to be rescued.