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  1. thanks for the reply ...I will look into that - the car smells bad ... lol
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a half decent used one ? Mercedes wants $800 for the part !!
  3. I have connected with Glenn - I will bring him the car...I can't give up on it yet... Thanks for your advice, its changed my mind about selling.
  4. I am so thankful I came to the forum for advice , I have decided not to sell it and fix it instead. I love that little car but it's a tough decision when you're not a mechanic or hobby mechanic . In response to Mike T - I'm not sure about the fins, that's all I was told ...and that the shrapnel could be anywhere .
  5. I sent him a message, thank you - just have to figure out how to get it there lol
  6. I'm in the Ottawa/Laurentian area ...the car is at Foreign Auto and I have to decide what to do - drive it back home on Monday or let the mechanic there have it ...he needs a parts car - I'm just NOT ready to let it go lol If you don't mind looking, I'm open to any advice / suggestion
  7. Well, I guess worst case scenario, a used turbo doesn't work ...not a lot invested there except engine needs to be dropped... Smart142? OK...well, you have given me a bit of hope...I will see what I can you recommend any particular wrecker to try?
  8. you are right...but I am not handy and its very hard to find anyone willing to work on these cars...It's a tough decision and I keep going back and forth and get a little teary ( I can't believe it's happening either ) when I think of selling it AND the thought of it being a parts car ...well , that feels so wrong...the body is great...the roof , the floor has basically no rust...but a turbo is 1500 and intercooler another 500 - and who knows what else they may find...its really sad ...
  9. I own a 2005 Smart Cabrio Diesel - its been a good little car but now needs new turbo and intercooler - having some issues letting go of this car but can't afford to fix - suggestions ? The mechanic put a camera in the turbo and fins are flattened - car is leaking oil and no smoke so internal .
  10. I was told that a special tool was needed to remove the struts - a tool only Mercedes has
  11. anyone know how much labour is involved in changing springs on the smart? Mine snapped and I'm waiting for parts to arrive - 2 wks so farI love my little car but every time I drive it I seem to have issues...
  12. [Thanks hopefully I'll find the problem...
  13. [i'm very new to this forum - can you help me navigate to the correct forum by any chance?
  14. I have a new (well old) smart car - it's a 2005 and I just had a headlight go out - I noticed it had gone out once before and then it was back again, not it seems it's gone for good...with much difficulty we changed the bulb but still not headlight - has anyone had any wiring problems? Any other ideas?