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  1. Im so sorry to hear, he was a great man he helped me so much
  2. Oil

    No I was just asking to see what you guys will think. I ask because I can get free full synth 10w30 from work. But I guess Ill just keep using royal purple 10w40.
  3. Oil

    OK How about full synthetic 10w30, I do alot of highway driving.
  4. Oil

    what do you guys think of 10w30 for the om660?
  5. Get ready it's happening tomorrow!
  6. We'll meet in the north west of the parking lot.
  7. The meet will in Richomd Ikea @ 11:00 am on May, 4 (Saturday)
  8. Why don't we meet up at ikea richmond and from there we can decide where we can go for a group drive? And how does May 4th (Saturday) at 11:00 AM sound?
  9. That sounds like a good idea!
  10. I'm leaving this pretty open so if you guys have any other location please share with us, I just threw ikea there as a idea.
  11. So when would be a good time for ya guys?
  12. What do you guys think of Ikea richmond?