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  1. Hey Glenn, Thanks for the note. I am looking for a new drivers side half axle and a set of new motor mounts for a Diesel Smart. I though I saw them once in a search but did not save the site. Now I am rackin' my brain to find them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dan T.
  2. Hi All, I hear you guys in Canada have sources for 450 parts new. Can anyone share a couple with me. I even heard that someone named Glen was the go to guy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan T.
  3. Can you tell me who the dealer is and the number and contact person. I am rebuilding a car with power steering and want to make it like new if there is a rebuild kit. Sounds like this guy knows a little something about these units. Dan T.
  4. Hi, Anyone have a new short you want to part with or know a source for this part, motor mounts, and other misc, parts for a 450? Thanks Dan T.
  5. Hey guys and girls, I am looking for a new short axle and motor mounts for a 450. I hear that there are good sources for these parts in Canada. Anyone have these parts for sale or know of a "go to" place for these and any parts, big and small, for the 450 owner. Thanks Dan T.
  6. Hi all, By any chance is there a dealer in the house who could broker a purchase for me at Impact Auto Salvage. They auction salvage vehicles on line in Canada but you have to be a dealer to bid. Thanks Dan T
  7. Hi Folks, Brand new Pure steel wheels and tires for sale. Have never seen the road. Full set wide rears and narrow fronts off a 450 Smart. $500 plus shipping or make an offer. If you need a photo e-mail me at dan.trimble59@gmail.com Thanks Dan
  8. Hey all, I am hunting a salvage Smart 450, preferable a diesel. I have my eye on auction sites in the US and Canada but I'm asking if any of you know of especially good places to be looking. Any help would be great. Also can a person from Canada trailer a car into the US for repairs? Thanks Dan T.
  9. Hi guys, I am looking for a 450 diesel donor car for a glider build project. The motor can be blown, the body can be trashed. I need the electrical and mechanical guts Please let me know if you have sure a thing. Thanks Dan T.
  10. Hey all, I am looking for a pair of Starline wheels. I have rears and need fronts but may put the rear size on the front too so either will do. Anyone have a pair to sell please message me. Thanks Dan T.