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  1. LeadwingThank you for your Explanation. That is sort of what I understood.Lets say I reply to your Posting which was addressed to me should I not use the Reply?In respect to others that do not like this method of reply I will go and post this hopefully using the Bottom page Reply.If I was to addresses the Community I would certainly use the Quick Reply?I have never used the Quote but yes I am guilty using the reply as I am Replying to someone,who is also able to seePart of his Text that I am replying to. Such text could have been from a Week ago or Yesterday.Therefore I do not exactly know where I went wrong causing a stir up.
  2. Please explain the function of the reply button directly below the Message!!!!!Seems rather redundant if we ought to use the Reply on the Bottom of the Page only.To save confusion maybe they should beremoved?
  3. Sorry but I am a new member and not familiar with procedures.Just following Logic and hit the Reply Button of the Message addressed to me.Obviously that's not what you want me to do.Guess every forum is different. Hope this meets your approval.
  4. KPA said they sent it out to a Rad.Shop.If both sides were covered by solid Cardboard before shipping none of that would happen. I know all about QC.When they took the original out although it had 8000 Km on it ,going over the coke in the Spring with Ice and rocks on the road there were no bent fins other than a squashed tube on the very top, that was the result of the Accident from a piece of the shattered rad shroud Assembly.Bought a few Rads in my life one for the Honda from Lordco and one for my 95 Tracker from Napa,no bent fins on either, I know that Condensers are a bit more fragile ,the more reason to treat them with extra care.If you are going to buy a dozen of Eggs in a store don't you look to see if one is broken? I bet you would pick up another pack. Yes I am particular, money does not grow on trees . Joerg[
  5. Kelowna Precision Autobody called me saying the New Condenser from M.B. arrived with bent fins and they took it to the Rad Shop for combing.This is #2 and when I asked the Parts Dept. of M.B. they said that is the way they get them, as they are very fragile.Told them so are Eggs that's why they package them the way they do. Just mentioning that to show the lack of customer appreciation and service difficulties from our local M.B. Dealer. I would like to believe that a Corporate M.B. would treat his customers better.Bil, I go sometimes to Wallymart Mc Do.for coffee. Would that suit you better? if not I can come to Winfield soon as I have my Car back.Are you still working ? I am retired and have not much of a Schedule. Do you have Skype?
  6. Francesco,I also had a 4Cyl. 1988 honda civic 1500cc,I was getting never under 50MPG Can. hot or cold,and I drove it up north, in a much colder Climate. I can not tell you much about the Loaner Civic I had for a couple of weeks. I used Part of a Tank, that I filled while being used as a Courtesy car which calculated 21MPG Can. Although the Fuel Gauge showed full I am not sure how full it really was, only that I filled it to a nozzle stop. The Service light was constantly on ,when calling them about it ,they said they knew about it and that it is overdue for service. What I am trying to say is that it seems that this car was not very well looked after and rather than my heavy Foot (our speed Limits are 50/60 Km an hour in town) it might have been the condition of the Car and or any combination of. However I found a 2007 Honda Civic on Fuelly meeting its spec's.EPA which is always overrating a Car rates this car at 25MPG U.S. in town. So I looked further to Fuelly for a Reality Check. For your reference I include 2 Links. I am glad that you are doing better with your hondas as I was with my Own. I am not splitting Hairs as I my Problem lies with my Smart. EPA for the Smart is 50/55 MPG,as we all know and what I am told by M.B. is, that this is unreal and those figures are test stand Figures. Please don't quote me on that,but this is what I was told by the Service Manager, the same Person that said giving Winter Conditions and short Trips are indicative for me to achieve the mileage I am experiencing. I know this is contrary to my past experience with the Metro Firefly and Sprint I had owned which were all 3 Cyl same displacement Cars,however they had throttle body injection and only one CO2 Sensor. all using Regular Gas. I thought computer controlled Injection was superior? Seems not. I am currently looking for a Sprint or Metro with a Good Body. Good bye Smart! Cheers Joerg [
  7. I will let you know maybe the A&W in Winfield? Taking the smart back in for Condenser replacement, as new one was all dinged up,waiting for a spot in the Shop. I will post the night before. Unless you get into town I live near Gordon and Springfield.?
  8. So is my friends 911 getting 28MPG on a trip doing at times the same speed. Max for Smart at 8.8l/100 is 60kmh in town.
  9. Will try doing that ,Huronlad says 80-90 Degrees Thanks to both of you.
  10. Look it up on Fuelly 2007 Honda and consider the Temp,as you do for the Smart and you find that figure to be universal meaning a variety of drivers.
  11. Thank you for your Answer it was very informative. First off the Car is still under Warranty.I had suggested to M.B. which by the way is not a Corporate Dealer but a Conglomerate,to replace both O2 Sensors the Injectors and the Computer.Having a Technical Electronic Background I know the frustrations that occurs when you are not sure of a module,but we substituted parts borrowed from other Equipment ,to find the Problem. M.B. says they can not switch Computers because they are married by Vin Number.To use a new Computer they say that it would have to be programmed via Internet from Germany, ending up with two computers that only work with my VIN (Computers from Autowrecker therefore are rendered worthless). I suggested to switch out a Smart with a Demo. but they said they had none. I have been looking at Fuelly and do not find any SMART (451) that shows an average of 8.8 l/100, that's 24MPG. ( are correct about your assessment of Mechanics specially for the Smart. While under Warranty I have few Choices.Bet you once its out of Warranty they would be eager to replace all sorts of Parts.This has become a nightmare for me I had at least 25 Cars in my Life, none ever as difficult and unpredictable as the Smart.First of all you can't get Manuals.Parts are from M.B. Again thanks for the Explanation of O2sensors working in conjunction with the MAP Sensor learned something newTake care now Cheers
  12. I thought of that but I only used the Scangauge once and only for RPM,then took it off because the Car went to the Dealer.What is the Temp supposed to run at?Thanks for reminding me I will try it .
  13. Thanks those were my thoughts as well ,it does of course better in the Summer but still only 8l/100 in town but better on a long trip.I wished it had a temp gauge .............
  14. Going down a hill was stated as a demonstration saying that the injectors are not being pulsed.I do not have hills here in town as I said it is flat and when I shift down, after a bit of lag the gearbox does respond, (providing you are in the speed range for that Gear) and it acts like any other Manual driven car, it provides a Motor brake.(not as effective as a conventional Gear Box) Sorry what can I say,at least that is my experience.I mentioned the tire pressure being correct and there is no drag on the Brakes. M.B. came up saying because it has less than 9000 km on it that it has not been fully broken in. Well all of that may have some merit,but maybe 10%. Look at it realistically, 7.3L is a long way from 10-11l/100. After the Accident they did check the wheel alignment its tow in was slightly out.. I don't know what else to say other that there is another Smart here in Town driven by a Lady that was getting in the low 30's even during the summer,according to our local M.B. If you check back and read through the Bins regarding mileage You will find that I am not alone, there are others that have been honest admitting poor economy.Lets say the Thermostat is stuck open, the car never has a chance to warm up.Right?Unfortunately it has no Temp Gauge and feeling the warm air coming out of the heater ducts is meaningless.Anyway I appreciate your Comments but without cure, being a Cabrio it goes for sale in the Summer.I had a 2007 Honda Courtesy car for a week while the Smart was being repaired Automatic heavier more Horsepower it made 21 MPG same place same distances same outside temp. I looked up the Specs for it on the EPA site and it was pretty well on spec.