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  1. I had missed you reply. Thank you! I'll check to see if they are still available
  2. Hey guys, Like the subject say... Do the floor mats from a 450 fit a 451? I found some in my area and need rubber mats for my new car
  3. Thank you Blaine. I'll check. Next time I'm in the car I will record it with the phone and post it. Cheers!
  4. Hello all, This coming Thursday I will be picking up my 2015 Passion This car is so different from my trusty 2009 entry model, I will probably be learning quite a few tricks as I re-discover a Smart car. Moonroof, seat warmers, assisted steering... Those are rather obvious, but the most intimidating is the Bosh Highline system (yes, I am an old f@rt) The first question is, given that it is a 2015, would the manual for the 2011 be the same? Do I need to even worry about all I've been reading re: updating firmware or the like? Also, any advise on using an iPhone with the system? If you'd like to point out other things I should know about this new (to me) car, PLEASE DO! Thanks in advance
  5. Great. BTW, when running, I do hear a background buzzing sound. As if there is a fun in it or something. I did hit the eject button thinking someone might have left a CD/DVD in, but nothing came out. Is this common?
  6. FYI, I ended up buying a car at Silver Star Montreal, and they took care of everything for me (at no extra cost!) Considering how many more deals there are in Montreal compared to Ottawa, I guess this will end up being the way forward for me.
  7. Hello All, First of all, hello again. I have been a member for years but inactive for a long time. Hope all is well with everyone! I still have my 2009 451 and at over 110,000, it maybe time to sell it and move to a newer model. I really like the 453s, but budget may restrict me to another 451. Anyway, I find the market in the Ottawa region quite restricted, and it seems better deals can be had if purchasing from, say, Montreal. However, I know nothing about the logistics of bringing a car over from province to province. Any advise? The information I have found using Google is very sketchy and talks about having to pay taxes in both provinces and the like, which would be a deal breaker most of the time. Anyone has first hand experience? I did sell my 1979 Fiat Spider to a Quebec friend and going in that direction it did not seem to be problematic. Thanks in advance! Lito
  8. Looks like my firmware is v12.23, which I believe is the latest, is I guess no update will be required. Thank you!
  9. BTW, I am looking for a place for new tires but also, to play musical chairs with my wheels. I am switching old for new and between cars and routing newer used winters on old frames... Hopefully I can find a place which not to expensive for mounting/balancing, etc.
  10. I need to get new rubber for my 2009 before I can sell it. I have send out for quotes online and get few replies (and tires seem to be much more than I had thought!) Do you guys have a go-to place in Ottawa?
  11. FYI, in the end I went to Montreal because there were so many more options available by doing just 200 Km. For the first time ever, I bought at a dealer and I have to say it was (so far) a very pleasant experience. I ended up with this guy: Certified Pre-Owned 2015 smart fortwo coupe fortwo 2-Door Coupe ... plus a set of used winters, for $9250. Warranty extended until July 2020 included. Now I have to call Troy who had graciously agreed to check out the first car I talked about, which now stays at the Ottawa dealer for someone else to worry about Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback! PS. I guess I better publish another thread in for sale soon Taking possession of the new smart next Thursday.
  12. Hey guys! OK, so I am looking at this 2015 with 17,000+ km on it, and the first thing I noticed is the flashing wrench in the dashboard, which suggests it did not get the 15K service. Now, the car is in all other respects OK and the price seems inline ($8,288 - tried to negotiate but they would not budge), but I am wondering if the fact that the car has gone over a couple of thousand kilometres over the maintenance schedule would have a negative impact on the warranty. I guess I should call Mercedes with this question, but I am guessing you guys probably know as much or more than the dealers
  13. Well, it looks like that one is now gone anyway. Thank you for the help!
  14. BTW, on a different league all together, but what do you make of this ad? I thought that the Passion trim would include things like seat warmers and cruise control, but by the looks of the ad/pics I am not too sure.
  15. That is correct. They have no clue what the car is. They actually have conflicting info from place to place. I think they used a template from another car for the ad. If their stupidity is my loss, I'd be with you on not dealing with them. However, if I do my research and due diligence and their ignorance benefits me, I will not argue
  16. I'll have to look deeper I wish! No, it is a 5 speed. It even looks the same as what I have, but mine is a 2009 and now it ash over 117K on it.
  17. I agree on the underserviced, but... dime a dozen?! I found this car to be around 20% below typical asking price. I don't know if the other guys are getting anything like the asking, but... Still, I do welcome your advice!
  18. I don't know if these are side-dependant, but if they are, I am looking for a passenger side one. Anyone with a parts car out there?
  19. Thanks Wild. I guess I'll just send an email to the dealer then. I found a video online that says it was $40 (USA).
  20. Just revisited this thread. I wish I had bought back then! Actually, I wish these deal was still available
  21. Brought it to Troy and needed the entire exhaust Plus, the rear member (not sure what the part is called), plus full front brakes, plus schedule maintenance, plus, plus, plus... 1.5K perform taxes. Still, less than if I had gone to a dealer$hip for sure. I guess I might be keeping it for a while unless I find a really good deal. I'll keep my eyes open for something with under 60K Km that's 2014 or better.
  22. SORRY. ITEM WAS SOLD. Edit: I had no responses, so I lowered the price to $30. Also open to trade for something useful for my new 2015 451 I am selling my UltraGauge EM. I used it in my 2009 451 without any trouble, but since I will be selling the car it is no longer needed. I am not sure this model is still available or not, so I will let it go to the first reasonable offer ($60 plus the cost of shipping if outside Ottawa?). I do have the manual in PDF format (attached to this post for your reference), but the gauge and the PDF is all I have. Never bought the mounting hardware as I had it attached with Velcro (which I cleanly removed from it, but can supply a couple of Velcro dots if needed). Ultra_Gauge_EM_1_2_Manual_10_12_12.pdf
  23. Thank you all! I will be calling Troy as I just noticed the car is ready for a service regardless. I believe he already replaced the downpipes before, so this might be something else. I'll post once I have an answer/solution.