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  1. you know I found it was my egr sticking and after delete it has never reoccurred
  2. had a rotational type noise when running at idle or driving removed the belt (no/ac) and it is quieter but a noise is still coming from the crankshaft pulley. put the belt back on and it is worse (alternator seems rough turning by hand ) 78000 km alternator bearings poor ? this low mileage any rebuild kits available?
  3. i think my scoop is missing any photos?
  4. what is the normal range for intake air temp ? when does the intercooler fan kick in or more precisely how does the system work ?
  5. if all that is wrong is the plastic fan fell off I threaded the end and put it on with a nut 20000 km no prblems
  6. so sad to lose such a knowledge based person RIP Bil
  7. has anyone ever imported a newer cdi into canada sucessfully?
  8. welcome if want to learn about do it yourself this is the place
  9. good for u weber is not kind to smart owners thats for sure (personal experience)
  10. awesome that will sell some cars here in redneck alberta
  11. what are the dates and are you going to (areas?) i am home 20th to 27th 25 miles se of edmonton have smart will travel lol
  12. happy b day Mike
  13. i believe too many journalists miss the point of what a smart car is and what its storng points really are i believe they enter into the test or report with too many rumors or other peoples opinions in thier head before the smart is given a fair shake MB should really try a different approach to how smarts are seen and marketed Hire some of us to work out the dealership issues and pr problems andi think doubling sales would be a very possible outcome
  14. why is 5w/40 used in a smart when mobil one 0w/40 is the weight specified?
  15. I am looking for summer tires/ rims in aluminum factory or aftermarket, used rims as i don't want to spend over 2000.00 for rims