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  1. Hello again.Selling my Smart Fortwo in the Edmonton area. The little one comes with a 16 month power train warranty, newly winter tires on steel wheels and around 59,000 km (58,300km in the moment.) So if someone likes to have the little one, please send me a PM. Thanks.Holger
  2. [The Smart owners in Germany using used keys (only the chip) and get it progammed for €13 @SC dealers in Germany. It is working only on the W450 & W452. So they say. If I would need not only 1 key - I would get a key programmer myself. And no. They keys getting programmed in Canada at the dealer. They need the car and the second key because the new code gets on both keys. (Old and new one)
  3. Prices:WOW! I asked last week about a second key at David Morris Fine cars. They said: key $290 programming $125 plus tax. I got an oil change by MIDAS in Edmonton on my Smart car. They said it would be $89. My wife dropped the Smart and waited for 2 1/2 hrs and paid $200!! When I was back from Whitehorse, I checked the bill. $84 for sucking up the oil!!? 4 liters oil charged! And some extra labor. .Called headoffice in Florida. Got now a gift card for $180 from Midas. :-/Bought a fluid evacuator for $89 @ Princess Auto. Sucked up 0.8 liters until oil was down at maximum! From now on nobody will touch the Smart in a shop again. Got brake discs and ceramic pads from eBay for $103. My next work on the Smart. Anyone knows in Edmonton a cheaper place for programming a Smart key?ThanksHolger
  4. Again. How do you know that these are cheap quality? Please post some references where your knowledge is coming from. Sorry! The parts are at minimum OE quality. If the German Smart Club is buying there, I am sure that the quality is ok. It would be nice if some of you could really say: " I ordered them. There are really poor quality. " But you guys only guessing because of the price? WOW! Why you guys not going with you Smart Cars to the dealer for service or parts? Ouch! The price ehhh. Mhmmm... Wait. Quality should cost a lot money? So the dealers must offer super quality and super quality parts!! The Smart is a "German" car and parts are in Germany therefore cheaper. I have absolutely no idea why you guys think that these are "fake" parts. Most of the time the supplier is posted on the part information page. You guys should read before you start "guessing" around. B)Best regardsHolger
  5. Why do you think that? Because of the price? German cars have to get checked every 2 years by the German TueV or DEKRA as you maybe know. Do you think that a German part store could sell "cheap" quality to there German customers without notice of these two Instituts? BTW: I got the Information from a member of the German Smart Club. He said they selling good Smart Fortwo parts to very good prices. And if I am not really wrong with the informations I got, they all get there parts from a couple suppliers. They aren't that many companies who make Smart OE parts. But anyways. You guys in BC can still order by Flying Tiger or in the UK. But I checked Flying Tiger and his prices are around close to the moon like by the MB-dealers. Alternator $398 plus tax and shipping!??? Supplier BOSCH. ATP sells the same BOSCH alternator for Euro 116 . It is maybe because there are a couple of 100,000 diesel Smart cars in Europe on the roads. A Smart car in Europe is a alldays car with a "low " budget service. That was and is the main idea from little cars like the Smart or a Fiat 500. I could understand the prices if I would drive a real Mercedes, maybe. The point was to post a store who sells parts to "normal" Smart car prices and NOT overpriced parts to "normal" people who still work for there money. I can understand absolutely why Smart cars aren't so much loved in North America. Look only at the part prices here....Best regardsHolger :-)
  6. Let me guess. $4 for each ring plus shipping? I know. One likes to pay for OEM quality and does the work every 3 years and the other pays a bit more, does it one time and it is good. If I could get a better quality on these damn brake light switches I would have ordered them too.After reading in the forums in N.A. and Ger. , I would have thought that these would be also an issue for Transport Canada. It is a safety issue if the brake lights working or not. One driver on the traffic light stopped me and said my brake lights aren't working. Next morning the ABS light was on. :-(
  7. [i asked 4 weeks ago at David Morris Fine Cars here in Edmonton for the recall. They asked for my VIN# and the service guy said that they have actually to make 3 recalls ( one with the battery and one recall for a "unit" to be moved plus the latches) because not one of the previous owners showed up for one!The door latches were on backorder so they said they call me back. I got 3 calls - one every 7 days. "Sorry, the parts are still on backorder..." Got a call this week that the parts finally arrived. Smart is booked in for next week on Thursday morning. Nice one!
  8. On taxes are the Province taxes that everyone has to pay in Canada plus duty fee.For me in Alberta that's 5% on top plus fee. Still better than the 19% VAT(MwSt) what I had to pay when I lived in Germany.
  9. Hello everyone. As you may know (or not) - I got myself a Smart Fortwo last October. The young Lady who had the little one before me, couldn't pay for the expensive repairs and services at the dealer anymore and got herself a Chevy. I for myself was wondering about that a bit. Until I found out how much dealers and shops here in Canada are really asking for parts and service. I have to fix some minor repairs and I am not willing to pay these overpriced parts. Left wishbone has to be one of the parts that I need new. So as I learned from my apprentice time - I need two, left and right. Dealer and online stores here asking around $180 for one.... plus shipping if the part has to be shipped. One store asked $39 shipping inside Canada... Never mind.... UK dealers shipping most of the times not to Canada. German seller on eBay excluding North America from there shipping list... (WTH!) Finally found a shop online/seller on eBay who is happy to get some new customers. Some prices: Alternator $224 incl. shipping Regulator for an alternator around $37.40 plus shipping Sensor rings ABS $29.14 each plus shipping Wishbone each $43.06 ($180 in Canada!!!) plus shipping I bought: https://picdb.atp-autoteile.eu/images/10490210.jpg The set is $100.74 plus shipping $50.49 https://picdb.atp-autoteile.eu/images/tecdo...0-73-0136_1.jpg brake light switch 2x $27.38 each shipping free https://picdb.atp-autoteile.eu/images/tecdo...133-76890_1.jpg ABS sensor rings 2x $29.14 each shipping free They charge only one time shipping costs. The price range is far under what I saw online here from Canada (Flying Tiger or so...) And I am not starting with the dealer prices. $65 asking price at the dealer for the brake light switch! If someone needs a part and like to safe some bucks www.atp-autoteile.eu would be one place to go. Holger P.S.: Forgot the address and phone number: ATP Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH Am Heidweg 1 92690 Pressath Tel.: +49 9647 - 92903 - 0 Fax: +49 9647 - 92903 - 9399 info@atp-autoteile.de www.atp-autoteile.de
  10. Shipping to Canada from Germanyhttps://www.atp-autoteile.eu/LINK for your regulator:https://www.atp-autoteile.eu/KFZTeile/Gener...0.htm?TN=100351Please contact:Carina LodesTeamleitung Verkauf (sales)info@atp-autoteile.de Carina will contact you and can tell you the shipping cost for this part. Please ask her to take out the 19% VAT from there store price. You can pay with PayPalor credit card.I ordered today:A set of wishbones, Links, 2 brake light switches and a set of ABS rings. The bill was $266.38 including shipping.https://picdb.atp-autoteile.eu/images/10490210.jpg(That's the set I ordered)If you need some help to order, please let me know.Holger
  11. A new alternator incl.shipping is only €140 from Germany. €103 for the part.Only saying...
  12. [i found a German seller on eBay wbo is also shipping parts to Canada. If anyone needs parts for the Smart Fortwo let me know.
  13. Hi.I got the battery by Wal-Mart. They have exactly what you need. Was around $98. I do not know why someone would pay $120????Forgot: Canadiantire asked as already postet $120 and did refuse a pricematch..... The Wal-Mart battery has also a 72 month warranty as well.The model is: EverMAXX H5 . I googled it for you.
  14. My 2005 Pulse cdi was bought on the 20.10.2012 with 54,365 km on it. Hit the 55,000 km last week after I got finally my set of winter tires. (Costco canceled without notifications twice the tires!!! )It is fun to drive, like a Go-cart.
  15. Costco.ca has them too. I got mine there.