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  1. I just bought a 2015 "City Beam" Passion SMART... his is my second SMART!
  2. We would like to attend We are new to this and would like to know if we need to pre-register or just show up at the event. We are in the Wichita, Ks. area. (only about 6 Smartees here at last count)Thanks,
  3. I have a 2011 Passion with the matte finish. After taking it to the local do-it-yourself car wash, I noticed that some of my infamous bug collection was still there. I didn't want to get the nozzel of the car wash too close and have it cut into the car. I was wondering if someone might have a recommendation for a good bug cleaner?
  4. Thanks.... I tried to register on SmartAmerica and got deniedI will try the oter site...DS
  5. Down here in Kansas, I use 91 Octane and my Smart runs just fine. I always try to buy 91 Octane from Quick Trip. I don't know if QTs are located in Vermont. Every once in a while, I put in some fuel additive to help keep the valves clean.Hope this helps...
  6. Looking for fellow Smart car owners in Kansas. I'm in Wichita and would like to create a club or just have some get togthers.Is there anyone, here in the Mid-West interested?
  7. [Love the teeth... where did you find them and how are the lit???