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  1. Alternator is seized, selling as-is, haven't found time to swap it out. Winter tires on steel wheels available. $800 OBO
  2. $1500 OBO, fix or parts car, London Ontario Won't start Sold as-is Need to trailer/tow. All season tires on alloy incl. Winter tires on steel incl. * most likely seized alternator, tries but cannot turn over. PM or call/text 519-triple seven-9160
  3. RacingSign up:1. Liz2. Glenn3. Dillen4. Josh5. Mike6. Susan7. James 8. Dawn9. Brian10. Ben11. Randy12.Dinner at 1730 hrs.Sign up:1. Liz2. Glenn.3. Dillen4. Josh5. Mike6. Susan7. Ron8. Brian9. Ben10. RandyNorth or south side of Dundas?
  4. [Thanks.Out of curiosity, where do the 4 long lowering bolts get used? 2 in the rear engine mounts and 2 somewhere else? no picture on evilution.
  5. I think I will check a couple more things then put him back together and either tow start him once more to drive into london or see if he fits in our trailer and try to get an appointment with Dr.Glenn On a slightly different topic, anyone else followed evilutions instructions for lowering the engine? I found if I just dropped the right side mount the engine hung up on the dipstick mount (against the seam of the frame tube). When I used a pry bar to keep the it clear it started to jam on whatever the line is that returns oil just below/to the right of the filler cap. (which is a plastic elbow that looks easy to crush). I ended up swapping the bolts out on the left side mount with the bolts from the x-brace ( same thread but at least 10mm longer) so I could lower the engine a little more level.
  6. Thanks Dillen, I had read your post and I have my fingers crossed that this is the problem because it would be the easiest fix. Cant see the lead but I guess I could poke at where it should be with a zip-tie or something (assuming this is what you mean by fishing). I guess if it is that or not the starter will still need to come off.Lowering the motor and testing the terminals was pretty easy but getting to the point of removing the starter seems a little less straight forward. How did you find getting everything out of the way (and putting everything back in the way afterward). Trying to decide wheter to plow on or put it back together and get help removing the starter.Ben
  7. Things seem to run in threes I guess. Maxwell S Alec (2006 Passion) isnt having a good time of it.1) RH rear marker (side and top of cluster) do not light up. (Except for when brake is used) Seems likely to be a wiring issue somewhere2) Wet conditions seem to precipitate a three bar condition where car is still drivable but shifting is jerkier. Eventually returns to displaying the proper gear.And to put the cherry on the top3) Starter quit suddenly. Was trying to start one night ( after had been driven already that day with a 3-bar event as above) On the first try the three bars was still displayed but it turned the engine over, didnt quite catch Second try the 3 bars cleared to showing N but still didnt catch Went for third try and engine no longer turned overBattery was fine, figured starter or siezed alternator.Tow started the car with my Sportage and checked voltage, 14+v so alternator is good. Must be starter.Checked starter fuse, no problem. Fuel pump runs, and still hear the relay kick when you go to start.Car is now in my parents garage (more space than mine). I lowered the right side of the engine (and the left a little) to access solenoid.With key on the terminal (A on evilution) that connects battery to solenoid reads 12vTurn to Pos 2 and spade terminal (B on evilution) reads 12vTurn to Pos 2 and other terminal (C on evilution) reads 12vSo I assume either the connection from the solenoid to the starter is rotten, or the starter is cooked.Is there anything else to check before I dig in and try to dig the starter out of there?Thanks,Ben
  8. Thanks for the pic. Unfortunately, when I got the car, the complete scoop and air channel were missing so I will need to start from scratch. Maybe I will mount some thin wall ALU tubing for a sturdy air channel and make a removable plastic scoop for it.
  9. Hey,Does anyone have good pictures of the scoop in place? or where it mounts? Was changing the alt belt the other day and rememberd I meant to make a scoop.Thanks
  10. A little update to my introductory post. Once life made some time to get back on the used car hunt I found Maxwell S Alec (guess the middle name ) A 2006 Passion, silver with black accent with 98000km on it. Just got it back from a 'B' service with Smart142. Now with the proper amount of oil in it I was glad to recieve a clean bill of health. Looking forward to piling the kilometers on it for the commute.
  11. Autotrader Link This is the one I intend on looking at. Seems a decent price(thoughts?), fairly low kms, and new all seasons/ winter tires (i intended on getting winters already). Speaking of winter, how does ontario winter treat these smarts? Might not be able to have it in the garage this winter, in which case should I look into heating options? Test drove one in London at Target Auto yesterday that has ~80k on it and it seemed nice, was my frist smart experience. Was pleasantly surprised by the space (Im just over 6ft so I was curious). Had a look at your post 'smart142' and it looks nice but perhaps a little too 'tricked out' for me for now this would just be my drive to work and back car (which is currently from T-burg to London). Perhaps once I get into the smart hobby I would look for more but right now price is king over options. ('cept maybe a tach would be nice but Im sure id get used to shifting by ear again) Used to drive an '89 nissan sentra 4spd so used to manual steering and not having a tach. Are the 2006 improvements significant enough that I shouldnt bother with '05s? Thanks for all your welcomes/comments, its amazing how much I have learned from one night of browsing the forum.
  12. Hi everyone!Started looking for a commuter vehicle (20000km/yr) and came across some 2005 smart fortwo cdi's. That kinda mileage is really tempting and the prices seem decent. Looking for advice on specifics to look for during test drive etc. the ones im looking at are around 50-80k kms and I intend to put on about 20k/yr (including ontario winter driving) any advice?Thanks,Ben