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  1. No, there isn't any indication on the dash that says anything is wrong.Yes, I do know about the smarcar america forum. thanks, Dennis
  2. Hello everyone,I have a 2008 smartfortwo that I bought new from the Seattle dealership in August of 2008. Love the car and I average 44mpg. Have less than 35K on the odometer.Not bad for a gas vehicle. Dennis
  3. Hello everyone,Question for you all: My wife was driving my passion today and it died on her. I had to tow it homeShe said it just lost power and died. It still turns over just fine but won't start. Any ideas as to what this might be or how to test for a solution?I bought it new in 2008 and have 35,000 miles on it.I also pulled out no.16 blue fuse (15 amp) out and it's fine. That's the fuse that controls the electric fuel pump. I plugged it back in and tried starting the smart but no luck. Didn't really think that would fix it but thought I would try...what the heck!Any ideas anyone might have? I really appreciate it. thanks, Dennis