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  1. I want t share with you a fix a i did to my car and has been working well since 75k. The radiator had few small holes, this casued by the friction with the plastic air scoop. First step, add a solvent to clean it inside and outside of the radiator and with a hose I poured lots of water to make sure no thiner residues remained inside the radiator. Second step was to examinate with a magnifying glass the part that was in contact with the scoop, and found a couple of very small holes. Third step, use a small file to clean the area where the glue will be applied, and apply the glue. Fourth, since the radiator now is bumpy, I had to use a bigger file on the scoop to make rooom for the radiator to fit properly. Fifth, also removed the EGR. It had lots of carbon, so I used a solvent again to clean it. The air passage was 80% blocked. Sixth: Replaced the gasket that goes on the hose between the turbo and the air filter, and also the EGR metal gasket. Result: Saved a lot of money (Spent less than 30 CAD), no more oil drips and my car is running great and still more economical in gas. I just checked under the car and the engine is clean and neat. This is my two cents contribution. See the attached pictures.
  2. My 2006 (150,000 km) Smart car is having problems with the clutch. Especially in continuous stop and go during slow traffic. To start, since I got my car I felt the clutch was rough when stop and drive on intersections or traffic lights, but I thought that it was normal for Diesel engines. Also, ocassionally during gear change, the clutch stopped working but just needed to turn off the car, wait few minutes and everything went to normal. But lately the problem is more frequent and the car has left me in the middle on the road which is not safe specially in main highways. I checked the counterpart that is pusheds by the clutch actuator rod (I believe is called the clutch fork), and it seems fine. I notice the rod is passing very near to the edge of the clutch cover hole, actually it almost touches the edge. I removed and checked the actuator and it seems ok. In the past I lubricated the actuator with white grease. By the way, I mounted the actuator in a way that the rod is against the clutch fork so there is no free space between the rod and the clutch fork, so I´m not sure if that is the correct wat to install it. Do you think the problem is the actuator or the clutch? Before I spend money on trying to fix this, I would apppreciate your comments. Thanks
  3. Exactly, one of the hoses goes to the EGR...can you tell me how to add water? Although not much water was drained, I suppose now I need to do a refill. Thanks
  4. I removed a couple of hoses from my 2006 CDI. I did this to make space to remove the intercooler. But when I disconnected the hoses, a liquid came out, which it seems like water with coolant. Does this type of car uses water as a coolant? If so, were shall I add water to replace the one drained from the hoses???? Thanks for you help.
  5. Hi, do you know any qualified mechanic for a 2005 Smart Diesel?It will help if it is located in Burnaby or Coquitlam.This is for an oil change, general revision and also fix a small oil leak.Thanks
  6. Thanks for your comments. I´ll try again the procedure and let you know if I was able to remove the two wrenches indicators. On another subject, suddenly my car (Smart Diesel 2006) has an oil leakage. It is a minor drop I find every morning.Any clues where the oil is leaking? Thanks!
  7. Does anybody know how to remove the double wrench indicator? I tried by using the method for the single wrench indicator but did not work.Thanks
  8. Th 200.00 dlls was for the insurance deductible or for the cost of the windshield?
  9. AAAAWWWSome!Thanks a lot for the pictures! Do you have any pictures how to reach the horn?My car´s horn is not working and can´t find it.Regards