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  1. Hi All. The results of the compression test are in. Cylinder 3 is reading 130psi (8.9 bar) with the minimum spec being 11 bar, so I at least need a partial engine rebuild. So, that's it for me, not a cost I'm willing to incur given the luck I've had with this car since the get go. I did want to say thanks for the input on this matter, and the many others I have posted on over the last three years. You've been very helpful. Cheers.
  2. I commute from Vancouver to Abbotsford daily, 135 km round trip, 85% on the hwy. I drive conservatively, between 90 and 100 on the hwy in order to maximize fuel efficiency. To be honest, I've never trusted the integrity of the mechanics of this car. The gas mileage is great, but I am not even a little suprised this has happened at 120,000 km. Appreciate your input.
  3. Hi I dirve a 2011 with 120,000 km. For the last 6 months my check engine light has been going on and off, and the car idles a bit rough. The error code states miss fires on cylinders 1 and 3. We changed the plugs, same issue. My mechanic suggested it might be a head gasket issue, and also said something like this is hard to pin down Has anybody ever had this problem and solved it? And, is it something that needs to be addressed. The car functions fine, other than a rough idle at times, and an annoying check engine light. I appreciate your expertise.
  4. It seems to be coming from under the front hood after I hit 80 km/h. It's a rattling noise, that sounds like is being caused by parts knocking into one another caused by vibration. I've checked countless times, but can't find the source. Has anyone experienced a similar noise and could tell me what it could possibly be? I know it's kind of a needle in a haystack thing, but I thought I'd try. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. Chris
  5. OK, I'll give it some time and watch the overfills. Appreciate your input. Thanks!
  6. I overfilled. Duh. And there it was, the check engine icon. Will this go away, or do I have to take it in to have it checked out? Many thanks for any advice you can offer.
  7. Hello fellow smart Smart car owners.As I'm sure you're aware, getting service done at a Mercedes Dealership is a tad pricey. We recently had our other vehicle serviced at a KAL Tire here in Vancouver, and I was quite impressed with their service and pricing. When I asked if they service Smart cars, they said, of course, we have trained technicians too. But can they? I've heard a lot about this STAR machine. What is it exactly, and is it necessary for the shop to have one to effectively service a Smart Car? I appreciate your input.
  8. All good suggestions. Still there though. I'll either figure it out, or learn to live with it. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I really appreicate your time. I'll try them all and let you know.chris.
  10. It happens at highway speed, 80 KPH of better. I've put electrical tape over the latches for the back window and door gate. Sounds like it's coming from the passenger side, but impossible to tell. Sounds similar to a zipper pull tab rattling against the zipper.Thanks for taking the time. Appreciate any wisdom you guys can offer.
  11. I've been experiencing a rattling noise in my cabin and I cannot figure out where it is coming from. One thread suggested it might be the back hatch, but that does not appear to be the case. Has anyone else experienced this?