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  1. The Vancouver Auto Show is on from today to Sunday. Is anyone thinking of going?
  2. I was in a Mini dealership, at one point the salesman said something like buying a Mini isn't just buying a car, you're buying into a culture. It occurred that I don't particularly like Mini culture, but I do like smart culture.
  3. Thanks y'all for replies! More input to think about.I note that the rumours for the 2014 redesigned model say it has a smoother ride, both due to wider track/longer wheelbase, and a dual clutch transmission.
  4. Howdy all, happy to be here! I see you're a really helpful bunch.I'm considering buying a smart fortwo. I've been trying the car2go cars. I love the headroom and the parkability, have a hard time with the ride quality. I feel every little imperfection on the road. And the automated transmission is hilarious. I've tried to figure out how to smoothly accelerate. It's better when I use manual shifting, and slowly re-apply accelerator after shift. I drove my girlfriend around a bit, she commented that she didn't mind the ride quality and I was being picky.So, I like the idea of having a smart. Will I get used to the ride? Is it possible to accelerate smoothly, maybe with the paddle shifters?