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  1. Do you have pics of the front bumper/valence? and prices? I'm near New West too.

    1. Gent


      You can have it for free. It has a few little curb scrapes.


  2. Does the hitch require the wheel spacers?

    1. stickman007


      nope...just had both of these lying around. I used the spacers for the front to get a bit more width (I think it looks better)

  3. My heater block cable got disconnected at the block heater when I ran over some road debris and then it dragged on the road for an hour grinding the connector off the block heater end of the cable. I'm looking for a replacement cable or a new end (that connects to the block heater) that I could put back on this cable. Let me know what you have or where I could find such a
  4. Looking to buy luggage compartment cover for ForTwo 450 2006 CDI. Let me know what you have. Located in Vancouver area.Email