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  1. Hi, I've been having strange things happen with the central-locking. Simply holding the keyfob the "wrong way" will cause the car's doors to lock/unlock randomly. The key and keyfob otherwise work OK, but I think it's time to swap to the spare key. But I have a problem. The spare key has never worked since we bought the car (we're the second owners). The physical cut of the key looks identical, however it will not turn in the ignition. Is there an electronic lock-out preventing the key turning? The open/close buttons don't work (yes the battery's been replaced ), so I'm thinking at the very least it needs to be sync'd with the SAM. As an experiment, I took the working circuit board out of the working key put it into the spare-key fob. The key still didn't turn. So I think this means that the physical key cutting might not be correct. Before I start comparing the key-cutting under a magnifying glass, does anyone know whether there's anything else preventing the key from turning? Any advice most appreciated.
  2. Hi, New member based in Perth, Australia, looking for suggestions regarding troubleshooting a problem with locking to doors Smart cannot be locked. The keyfob button, and turning the (mechanical) key in the door lock fails to lock the Smart. Boot is closed. The buttons on the dashboard lock and unlock the doors. The keyfob lock button and turn the key in the door lock does not lock the smart. Looking for ideas where the fault could be. Cheers, Dave