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  1. Hi there, I just sold my CDI passion 2005. I have a few used spare parts that I bought for just in case. High pressure fuel pump - $150 SOLD Gear position sensor - $50 SOLD Muffler - it has a bit of rust under neat but no leak - $150 SOLD Basic rack and one bike rack - the bike rack is not OEM. it is something that I bought from CT. $150 If you want a picture of them just pm me. I live in Delta BC and work in Vancouver BC Thanks Payam
  2. thanks Stickman. so far so good. i just install the emulator without the blocking plate. Also i noticed a bit of leak under the car so i took a closer look and found the hose that goes to the turbo charges is a hole. I replaced the hose and everything seems okay. It seems the power is back. Now i don't know was the EGR or the broken hose causing the lose of power.
  3. Hi All, I got the emulator today. Thanks Izzy!! now do I need to block the EGR, or what would happen if i don't? Doesn't emulator take care of all the codes? I am trying to fix one of my car's problems which is loosing power going up heal. Doesn't do it all the time but happens enough to annoy me. Thanks
  4. One word of advice, when you replace the glow plugs do all three of them. I replaced two of the three because one passed the test and I thought why bother. Guess what that one failed shortly after and I was going crazy looking at wiring and module, etc. Also have a tap and die set ready just in case. Payam
  5. Has anyone tried to make the emulator? I got the electrical component on the web. It seem pretty straight forward. I think finding the connector is the hardest part. Or have you tried the one that is listed on Ebay? Thanks Payam
  6. Yes i read about it earlier and did some digging under the car. Couldn't find anything. I checked wires that goes into aculator and the sensor. Mind you I got another sensor from junk yard just in case. I will check the wiring again from the top as i am planning to take the EGR valve out (related to another issue). Thanks Payam
  7. Here is another quesiton. I have had several problem with clutch. I got three dead bars on regular basis, jerky starts in gear 1 and when the car was shifting down it was always rough and felt like a kick. so when the mechanic looked at the car he gave me a list of items to be replaced including clutch and aculator, etc. But one of the thing he did for me wat to patch the hole in the clutch fork and adjust the aculator. what a big difference that made. Now, he told me that this is a temorary fix and i have to look into replacing clutch, etc in near future. I want to hear our opinion. My car has 125K on it and it's not a BC car. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I got a used pump from junkyard. It looks much better than mine, but i still do the seals. don't want to take any chances. Tolsen's pdf instructions are very easy to follow. I call MB to see if they have the repair kit.
  9. Thanks Tolsen. I believe that's what it is. I have strong fuel smell in the car and the mechanic checked and suggested to replace the pump. The link show obviouse dripping from the pump. I was thinking about taking the pump to Caliber, but now that I can buy the seals I'll give a try.
  10. Hi there, today I got some bad news that my smart is need of some major repairs. One of the items is high pressure pump. I have seem some picture of it, but I don't know where it is located. Could anyone help me. My plan is to get a used one and have it rebuilt then swap it with the one that I have on the car. I think I should also ask. can I take it out myself or I need special tools? the word high pressure makes me worry a bit. lol Thanks
  11. For some reason in the past week or so the BARS are back. May be had to do with the hot tempreture. Today i decided to check the wiring. they seemed fine and clean. Car is running a bit rough in the first gear now as well. Still searching for an answer.
  12. Thanks FlossyTheSmart. I lubricate the clutch actuator a couple of weeks ago. But maybe I didn't do it well enough. I'll give a try this weekend. I used a 3in1 penetrating oil and just spray it in. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, I have started having this problem for a month now. My car all of sudden stops shifting up or down. It happens after about 30min drive and in all cases I noticed the problem when I was slowing down and the car won't shift down. When I tried to shift down manually, the indicator show 3 dashed lines - - - and the car won't accelerate. So far I manage to resolve the problem by stopping the car and shutting it off for about 30 second. then restart and everything is fine. I have an engine light on but I don't see any code using my CT scanner.any advice?Thanks!
  14. Thanks CANMAN. I'll look it up. I remember reading about it before. By the glow plug replacement was a success. see if I get another 100K out of the new ones.
  15. the same problem as others with glow plugs for a couple of weeks. I tried to check the plugs with a ohmmeter on the car and got myself confused. I ended up taking all three out. It wasn't that hard. the connectors came right out with the help of a long plier. I bought 3 NGK plugs from Lordco for $20/piece and told myself this is like changing spark plugs in my other car. But then i ran into a bit of problem. I could not put the driver side plug in no matter how hard i tried. The other 2 went in like a piece of cake, but this one didn't want to go in. after spending 15min i tried to put one the old one back in. it went in without any problem. I tired the NGK one again and the same problem. I decided to put one of the old ones back in. so i had to test them. I used my car battery to test them. I simply used a jumper cable to connect a negative to the body of the plug and used a voltmeter connect its positive terminal to the car's positive battery terminal and the voltmeter negative terminal to the tip of the plug. only one of them showed 12.5v. The other two were 4.8v and 10.5v. So i assumed the good one is the 12.5v and put it in. So far everything is good. I only drove the car a few minutes today, thoug. I'll take it out tomorrow to see if the glow light stays off or not. I still can't undrestand why the 3rd plug wouldn't go in. I may end up buying one from MB dealer and change it when time comes. the dealer price was $31.65. Next project is to clean the EGR valve on my CDI...again. I don't know about the rest of you, but mine is giving me such a hard time. I have to clean it every 3/4 months.Payam