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  1. Can only make Nov 29th and voted for lunch as day light would be best but would be able to do dinner if vote goes that way.
  2. Confirmed for Saturday, September 13th, 6PM, at Montana's ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1) FlossyTheSmart 2) asmart42 (+1) 3) SkydiverChris (+1) 4) Turbomar 5)Th3Guardian (maybe +1, I'll know for sure later on) 6)spider ( +1 ) 7) 8)
  3. Confirmed for Saturday, September 13th, 6PM, at Montana's ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1) FlossyTheSmart 2) asmart42 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Copy the list, add your name if you're confirmed.
  4. Saturday Sept 13 works for me as well. Would be good to see as many as possible.
  5. I recently purchase a new alternator on ebay through rareelectrical of North Carolina. I paid $199.80 for brand new. I received it and am in the process of installing next week.
  6. We will be able make it next week.
  7. With all the cancellations you may consider putting it off till next Tuesday?Have not heard back from Freepjam so we are down to two.The weather does not look good for tomorrow afternoon as well.
  8. Just noticed the meet.Yes, we plan to be there.I e-mailed freepjam to let them know as well.See you all tomorrow.
  9. At this point it looks like we can make it this Wednesday June 19th.
  10. Your video was very informative.I noticed that your turbo is leaking a lot.After being rear ended and turbo hit.Had a new turbo installed.It started leaking badly behind the turbo.Oil return line from turbo was rusted and leaking oil. Parts that were changed.1 660-180-02-20 Oil Pipe $92.351 660-187-01-80 Gasket/Seal $2.67
  11. Two weeks ago I installed a new Sam. Once installed your car keys no longer work. I had to send the car to the dealer for the Sam and keys to be reprogrammed.
  12. Hi Blair,Just noticed your parts for sale.Are any parts left.Brakes - reluctor rings etc.Am local West Carleton.George