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  1. Governed at 32kph by law in north America It has 60km range on the lowest assist. See the link below for all the specs:
  2. It has 60km range on the lowest assist. See the link below for all the specs:
  3. Two ED's meant for each other! However, not for everyone!
  4. I recently purchased a 2014 Smart ED. I had already gone ahead and installed a Nema 14-50 plug in the garage. This is the charge cable I went with: Morec EV Charger Level 2 32 Amp Upgraded Portable Electric Vehicle Charger, NEMA 14-50 220V-240V 26ft (7.9M) EV Charging Cable Station, SAE J1772 Compatible All Electric Vehicle Cars ¡­ https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DHFH8LW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uycFDb7A3ZKGY
  5. I sold my Smart 450 so I have no use for the bike carrier. It's not the best carrier, however, it's super compact, can be stowed in the car and gets the job done. I used it to carry my Smart Ebike which is quiet a heavy bike. $100 plus shipping from k1g 4b5 Cheers! Mario
  6. The car is featured in Jay Leno'so garage: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kzW_ERSgFRY
  7. My condolences to the family and friends. RIP Bob
  8. They will likely be stuck with it for a while until they realize what the car really is worth
  9. I totally agree with your statement Leadwing. The Chrysler Crossfire ceased production in 2008. Yet www.crossfireforum.org still has great support and has multiple social events every year with no sign of dying off any time soon
  10. To clarify, this is a cruise for all smarts, not just ED Smarts. Please reply if you wish to attend or have suggestions
  11. Meet at Tim Hortons, Richmond rd. at 2pm From there, we head to the Gatineau Hills for the afternoon. We then make our way back to the other side of the river to Kelsey's in Kanata. The cruise is well within an Electric Smart so please join in! This is held on Halloween day but if the majority of participants would rather do it on the following day, its just fine. Cheers! Mario
  12. IMO, 3 out of 3 are
  13. Oh yeah, your choice of colour will look sharp. Yep, cleaned up the parting lines on the caliper brackets mostly
  14. Oh, here it is on post 17 and 23: http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=26904&hl=%2Bfront+%2Bbrake+%2Bspecs