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  1. CityFlame 2013 with paddle shifters and A451 installed by Uncle Glenn working like a issues....strongly recommended!
  2. Your battery is dead. Buy a new one ($114 @ dealership) re-install and start the car...on end of the season (cabrio) or if car needs to be stored for prolong time charge the battery and disconnect positive lead.
  3. Is there a phone number or web page to get more info? At that price I would drive up to Montreal and spend 2 days sight-seeing while window is being replaced....Thanks for sharing! Best, Ivan
  4. Hands-down best Smart repair shop in Western Ontario in my opinion... Very reasonable prices, no job too small or too big….if you haven’t met Uncle Glenn yet, Smart-en up!
  5. Hello there, I'm looking to buy a basic OEM bike rack for my cabrio 450. If you have one don't hesitate to call me I'll make you an offer you wont refuse....cell 416 738 4826. Best regards, C-Wolf
  6. Hey Troy,I need badly radio for my 2005 Smart as volume increase uncontrollably each time i hit smallest hole on the that point that i don't use it any more. If you could kindly let me know how much you are looking for that would be great. Many thanks, Ivan
  7. Or you can go to any marine store as they carry similar products too. Check the prices by phone to save the trip and disapointment. Cheers, Ivan
  8. CHROME!!!Nice job
  9. Hey MarkDon't waste your monies nor time and go straight to uncle Glenn its worth drive to London and get your Smart fixed the right way at right price....Ivan
  10. Your battery might be drained and not fully charged.....
  11. Hello there Smarties,I'm looking to buy a original smart bicycle carrier for cabrio with all parts.... if you have one please call me at 416 738 4826. Best regards, Ivan
  12. Any thought about electronic rust protection? Did anybody install one on Smart yet?Ivan
  13. Uncle Glenn is the man!!!! Best monies spent period on the car so far. Getting a speeding ticket on 401 and driving off afretwards with smile on your face .... priceless!
  14. WOW!!!! that's insane....what a great job you guys did! Congrats!