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  1. They should.... as many times as needed.
  2. Ours keeps jamming on passenger side (and door won't latch closed), and requires banging on latch mounting screws to free it so it will.Anyone else see this problem? Solution? It happens nearly every time trying to shut door.
  3. [Yes, years ago, we had a microwave in storage (at moving company) for several months. When we got it back, the keypad didn't work, when I opened it up, I found white cockroaches inside that must have lived several generations in total darkness. Also found they crapped on the circuit board. so I cleaned board in HOT soapy water w/ toothbrush, dried it with hair dryer real good, and it worked great after that!
  4. One of my two key fobs, although it works electronically, drains brand new batteries super quick (a matter of a couple days), so it is unusable, other than an emergency spare.So I ended up keeping several spare batteries in glove compartment, and the malfunctioning key fob in trunk for emergency use only.Anyone else experience such a problem?
  5. I understand you must remove bottom panel to get to fuel filter, correct? Also, is priming necessary?
  6. I am looking to add an aluminum square tube to my bumper to mount a square tube to mount a spare tire. I found a course threaded bolt 16mm x 2.0 from Ace Hardware starts to thread in and then stops.I order two 16mm x 1.5 fine threaded bolts online, and they do they same thing; they start to thread in and then stop.Is it possible that they are 16mm x 1.75??? I cannot seem to find that size online. :angry:
  7. Well, the unusual sticky, sweet smelling, molasses-like liquid that dripped from the very front center of my '06 450 has completely stopped. I guess I will never know what is was.Since the car was parked outside at the time, all I can do is assume some bees must have made a hive in the radiator area, and when it got hot during use, the honey thinned, and dripped out, even though I never actually saw any bees in the vicinity.
  8. A small puddle is found after sitting all night long in garage.It is not motor oil, because it is not pitch black, and it rinses off the fingers right away with water.Even though it is light reddish/brownish in color it is not radiator coolant, because it is quite thick (like motor oil viscosity).It is thick, sticky, and almost has a sweet smell. What could it be???
  9. Actually, the proof positive that you can tow 4 wheels down, is the manufacturer of the transmission saying you can:;#entry289483
  10. This also says it can be flat towed:
  11. Here somebody tows a Smart, and they say it tows easily:, they have a 2009 Smart which I assume is a MANUAL TRANSMISSION ONLY, as compared to the 2006 CDI, which is manual/auto, and I understand that virtually all manual transmission cars can be flat towed.
  12. If it were NOT OK to tow the 450 all four wheels on the ground, then why would they sell this?:
  13. Not really! $30-60 for programming, and $169 for the part. :D
  14. Huh??? I take my key out all the time while in neutral. :blink: