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  1. I posted in the regional forum but got no response. Any good indy mechanics in the Okanagan? I see an ad for Fifth Avenue Autohaus, West Kelowna displays on the home page...anyone have experience with them?
  2. I had the same problem a couple years ago with a Dodge diesel. I couldn't shut it off-it was the fuel shut off solenoid...I don't know if smart has one.
  3. smart at 65K kms has a glow plug not working. I suspect that it is only one as it starts and runs normally. Does anyone have a good indy mechanic anywhere in the Valley? thx
  4. Thanks for the education on clic clamps. Armed with the above, I uncliced the top clamp as the clic was visible. But I couldn't see the clic on the bottom clamp. 'Luckily' the hose was broken right at the clamp/nipple so it was a bit loose and I was unable to slide the clamp and hose off the nipple. Success! Went to NAPA and got a $1.53 worth of fuel hose (an extra inch longer to avoid the hard right turn at the bottom connection) and $2.26 worth of SS screw clamps. No problem installing hose. Put the actuator rod nuts back to original position. Test drove and smart was back to ripping up the hills. Disconnected the battery and CEL went out. Reinstalled the body panels, dropped the center screw at the back, failed to fish it out so had to take off the panels and reinstall. Not that difficult, practice is good. Went for a 2nd test drive up a very steep hill with the CEL off and it didn't reappear. Curious thing is 3 yrs ago after Eddy's remap I was laying down a pretty good amount of black exhaust on acceleration. Now I only get a wisp of smoke. Might the hose have had a small crack 3 years ago resulting in excessive black smoke? Anyway, thanks to all for pics, prose and encouragement. This is the first 'trouble' smart has given me in 10 years of ownership. I had visions of a new turbo in my future and it's great have all this help to solve the problem with a wee hose.
  5. Looks like the screwless clamps may be too much for my talents/tools-I'm afraid of braking the nipples.
  6. Your right Cman-I typed about the wrong hose so I went and checked the 'right' hose and guess what-It has a crack on the far side at the bottom(hard right turn) right at the clamp. More than 50% of the circumference is open on the far side. So the simplest thing is the problem. Any advice on removing the clamps? Replace with stainless steel? I do have some 'blowby' on the hose and in the area so they shouldn't corrode. So now I've turned the actuator rod nuts 2 turns-should I just try it where it is or should I put them back where they were? thx
  7. Ok, progressing-b4 I started with the fun I started smart and the CEL was out. As suggested the panel was easy; the screws had never been out b4 I would guess. Hose seems ok, can't see much of it and it has a protective sleeve on it. Some oil seepage on the other hose b4 the wastegate-has no clamp so pulled it out and it was clear. Put a wrench on the square part of the pivot point and it moved easily, lubed it with graphite and gave it a few more iterations. Adjusted the nuts on the rod one turn. Went for a drive-had a little black smoke off the 1st two gears but when I put the pedal down in 4th I got the cel again. Back home, I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes-going to put another turn on the actuator adjustment nuts, reconnect battery and try it again. Thx again for your help.
  8. I failed, in my previous post, to advise I will see if I can find a fault in the hose or adjust the rod. Just had a look at the challenge, can barely see the wastegate area so I understand from your last post, the body panels have to be removed-hopefully I can find directions on this site...the panels may be the biggest challenge. Thanks again
  9. Thanks fellows for the detailed explanation. I've tried to talk to Eddy but its the wknd... smart is trailered and ready for the 10hr roundtrip to Richmond Any ideas on where I can get a replacement hose-we have a CTire, Napa and Lordco in town or is it a 'special' hose?
  10. Would u suggest clockwise or counter clockwise, Mike?
  11. My smart has 55K km's on it and was remapped by Eddy in Richmond 3 years ago. Recently golng up the steep hill at OK Falls it cut out, lost power, and I was down to 60 km/hr in 3rd gear and got the check engine light. Took it to my local mechanic and he said his code reader said 'Turbocharger Sensor A Circuit High'. Any of you fellows know what this likely means-I imagine I need to go back to Eddy because of the remap? Any mechanics in the OK Valley, besides the dealer, who may be of help? thx for your help