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  1. - got my smart in November the first year they were available. Its first couple of years it lived outdoors. When I got a jetta October 1/09 I gave the smart back to my dad and its been in a garage for the most part. But Ernie has some problems... The rear plastic window ïs cracking and will probably snap when cold. Is there any way to replace just the plastic window? The dealer says it is $2100 for an entire new roof. We prefer a cheaper option. I know a lot of smarties offer aftermarket parts and do servicing so I'm wondering if anyone has advice/solutions Thanks!
  2. DUck did you drive by a couple of times? we thought we saw you!Was great to see a bunch of smarties even though I don't have one anymore! I look forward to the next meet I can make it to
  3. I called to give them a heads up that about 16 people are coming in smart cars tonight at 6 :)See y'all there!
  4. I was just posting in the mod lounge that I just bought a new car - a 2010 jetta tdi! And then I saw that something is happening rather close to where I live and thought I'd see if you'll still let me come even though I'll be driving a jetta... I won't park near all the smarties I will hide.1. Bill (smartnhappy)2. William3. Rod & Luke4. Terry & Phyllis5. Carol & Don6. Glenn and Liz7. James & Dawn8. Iain (Duck)9.Cait and Jetta10.
  5. 1. James2. Dawn3. William4. Rob5. Cait - I plan to make an appearance!
  6. great pictures everyone!!I'm glad you all enjoyed the food and the company :)Hope to see you at Glenn's bbq!
  7. Thanks to all who came out! The cars looked great parked around the half circle! Post pictures if you've got em
  8. No sweat about the cancellations! we'll catch ya next time
  9. Today is the day!From London it's super easy to get here. Take Richmond for a while, turn left onto Mount Carmel Drive, then turn right onto HWY 81. When you get to the lights at main street turn left. About 1.5 kms down the street on the left you'll find the Aux Sables Inn.Diesel is available at Shell which is about 5kms north on HWY 21. There is a car wash about .5km south on the right.Everyone is welcome to park at the motel during the day if you're planning to go to the beach or explore the Bend, but I probably won't be around until shortly before dinner (I'm a busy girl!)And I just got a call from someone wanting a room an hour from now... so looks like I'm staying up pretty late! I hope i'll get to sleep before dinner tonight!Can't wait
  10. Wow! The list just keeps on growing! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon :)Motel rooms 100 plus tax for the night, suites are 160 plus tax... just in case you drink a little too much wine
  11. Wow! Looks like it's going to be a great turn out! Tonight is the opening night of the restaurant - here's hoping everything goes well! I'm excited to have everyone come and see our progress :)Tuesday July 7th, 7pm dinner at the Aux Sables Inn:1. Cait2. Elaine & John3. Bill (smartnhappy)4. William5. James ( I really will make this one!!) cool.gif6. Joyce and John (SMARTER and SMARTENUF)7. John & Diane8. Carol & Don9. Glenn & Liz10. Rob11.
  12. Exciting! It's only 3 weeks away!Tuesday July 7th, 7pm dinner at the Aux Sables Inn:1. Cait2. Elaine & John3. Bill (smartnhappy)4. William5. James ( I really will make this one!!) cool.gif6. Joyce and John (SMARTER and SMARTENUF)7. John & Diane8. Carol & Don9.10.
  13. Happy birthday!