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  1. I found some on Rockauto for $60 each but I’m not sure about the quality.
  2. The rear wheel bearings have started to gt noisy, so I’ve started shopping around. I can’t believe the price on those suckers! It looks like I’m going to be anywhere from $300 to $500 for the parts. The bearings don’t have any slop or anything yet, so I’m going to be patient in my search.
  3. Okay, so it turns out it was just low on refrigerant, and the shop turned the key on at some point during the process and it threw the code. They had difficulty clearing the code for whatever reason. So we’re back to normal. 104,000kms.
  4. Does anyone know what these codes are re: he HVAC? 9084. 9088. And 9105
  5. It makes a hissing sound so I was thinking maybe it has a leak. But I’ll check those items also
  6. Well, I spoke too soon. My a/c crapped out. I have to figure that out now.
  7. Hi all, It’s been a little while, but I thought I would stop in and provide an update. I’ve had my Smart ED for over 5 years now, and in the next week or so I should be rolling over 100,000kms. So far: Except for a couple minor warranty items right after delivery, no issues with the car Still on first set of brakes - I’m thinking of replacing the pads and rotors because of uneven wear. Second set of front tires Third set of rear tires No discernable battery degradation - in fact, in the last couple weeks I got some of my greatest range ever (90kms on 50%SOC, 110kms on 63%SOC) - personal best was 168kms on 97%SOC. Virtually no maintenance only tires, brake bleeds (the cost of brake fluid) and battery dessicant cartridges ($30) every 2 years. This has been a spectacular car. Super reliable with neglible cost of ownership. I have had an offer to buy it, so I may unload it and buy a new Chevy Bolt.
  8. Has anyone had any luck with the new web app?
  9. Yup. I still have it. It runs great. No detectable degradation of the battery yet. I haven’t had any service done in Halifax, so I can’t comment on their quality of work or pricing. All I can say is that after over 90,000kms this little car keeps on going trouble free.
  10. If you send me the old intercooler, I’ll solder up the leaks and then you’ll have a spare. Don’t forget that the alternator can likely be repaired for about a hundred dollars.
  11. I just contacted MB in Halifax, they quoted me 30-some-odd dollars. V-Star in Kitchener charged me $78 last time.
  12. Blaine, where did you buy your cartridges?
  13. I agree with Tolsen. I have a tube of Permatex dielectric grease that I bought about 10 years ago. I apply it to everything electrical to prevent corrosion and arcing. It's also high-temp so you can use it on spark plug boots also.
  14. A strong economy also results in people buying bigger gas guzzlers. I read a report from the insurance bureau that indicated that your chances of surviving a crash in a large pickup or SUV is indeed greater, however, for every 1 life saved in an big vehicle 3 others are claimed in a crash which would otherwise not have been fatal. In the end big vehicles are safer for the occupants but orders of magnitude more dangerous for everyone else. The end result, because some people have to have giant vehicles, everyone else does too in order to equalize safety. It's a negative feedback loop. Shall we discuss the impact on economic cycles?
  15. I was coming from the airport. I'm back home now. Finally.