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  1. thankyou for the assistance found the little bugger, all Is running well again.Except my intercooler looks like its leaking
  2. Hello all, Need a hand diagnosing a fault p0251. She died last night at 11:30pm with no warning, and wouldnt start back up, had to unhook the battery for 5 min. Then she reluctantly fired up, revs up fine. Put a load on her and she missed a few times then cleared up she has a full tank in her as well. Check engine light also stays on. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, going to put some fuel additive in today and go for a ride to see what happens.
  3. Hello, I went swimming a month ago and had the smart on the beach, I put my keys, wallet and phone on the drivers seat and the lil bugger locked itself in about 5 min.(heard it lock when I walked away).I had to fish the keys of the seat with a coat hanger and press the unlock button with another coat hanger. This was on a 05 cdi coupe
  4. Sorry couldn't wait built my own still have to test her out tho
  5. Finnished machining rear body lift blocks, now just waiting for longer bolts to come in Monday
  6. today my brother and i just finished are custome lift on the front end of his smart. next week the rearend
  7. looking for an exhaust flange for the muffler side, in good shape. for a 2005 cdi
  8. Hi all Has anyone heard of these MADNESS GOPEDAL - 450 / CROSSBLADE / ROADSTER Are they compatible with are cdi? Will they affect our eecu remaps?
  9. hello im peter from sault ste. marie and currently living in sudbury, im presently driving a 05 smart cdi blue on silver acquired her last fall, loking forward to toss some ideas around