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  1. Sad no rally. Have to work day of Penticton Show. :crying_anim02:
  2. That looks awesome. I thought of that, heard horror stories of paint peeling due to poor prep job to the plastic panels. How long has it been since you had that done?
  3. Glad it worked out for you. The Wife was gonna fill 2BEEP today and I told her I would do it after reading what happened to you. She has never filled that vehicle before. Playing it safe.
  4. Sorry abt that fat fingers on a Playbook> 282560
  5. HAVE : 2006 Phat Red passion coupe and not too crazy abt color. All panels in excellent shape. Looking for Blue. Or Ruby Red in good shape.
  6. Or a hot babe beside you.
  7. Sounds like fun Bill, Hope something can be setup for a Friday as have to work weekends. The boss and I would love to join in.
  8. BEEP gone. 282580 silver/ruby red passion 2006 ICBC write off after accident.
  9. Okay I can't resist it. How do you know? :upsidedown: :upsidedown:
  10. Welcome Peter. Lots of great ideas here. Enjoy.
  11. Welcome Von, gotta love the older CDI. Expect the negative comments and just laugh. You will be the one giggling at the pump.Steve
  12. Sure was nice to get together Bill. Got over and got the last 2 ltrs of Milligans that he had. He's bringing in more from Vernon. I took the nose off the car after dinner last eve and changed the lowbeams as well reversed the Halifax mod. Unlike your luck they took the bulbs out. Not a PY21W bulb to be found. Cdn Tire had Sylvania 7507LL that fit the Euro sockets. All work completed in 45 min. Gotta find that LED conversion you did.
  13. Pucker factor was way up that night for sure.
  14. Hey Bill good to see you still around. Last time I saw you was at the ralley in 2010. Are they planning another one this year?I've. Moved to Westbank now we should get together for lunch or coffee sometime.Steve
  15. Hey Mike, it's great to be back.No they never did catch him. Only description I was able to give them was Big and White as there was no markings on the trailer that I could see and I was a little busy at the time to see what the writing was on the tractor. There was lots of big truck traffic on the highway that night.The rcmp said there was no way to prove who it was. They stopped all trucks with unmarked trailers at Merritt that were between the scene and the trucker that gave chase. Said 22 trucks and all drivers said they didn't see a Smart car.Was really hoping they did find him