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  1. I think this review is really smart.
  2. I keep the 120V charging cord that came with the Smart ED in my garage to charge the car nightly, I never bring it with me. It's an all night charge, so not something I'd bring an extension cable to use... my 2c.
  3. Here is a simple site to educate you on charging an EV in Canada *(and other topics):
  4. Great! Details please! Looking forward to my own test drive when the local dealer gets their demo's in!
  5. Ontario Canada : overnight 2c/kWh EV charging price plan A subset of Ontario utility companies are participating in a program to provide flexible price plans. Quote : "Phase 1 - Risk free, save up to $500 September 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017 During the first phase, you will be able to earn savings by taking advantage of the new trial rates. At the end of this phase, you will receive an on-bill credit for the amount that you’ve saved over this period, up to a maximum of $500."
  6. Here in Toronto, my local dealer got back to me yesterday and noted that they expect to receive their demo and initial ordered cars in the next 3 weeks. The sales rep seemed surprised that anyone in Western Canada would already be getting their ED because this dealer isn't due to receive the cars from Halifax for a few weeks from now.
  7. 2013 Smart ED in Ontario. Paid $19200 on the road. Trade in quote on a new 453 ED is $8500. Car has 25000 km in 4 years. Perfect. Total unplanned maintenance = $3 for a rear tail light bulb. Did a single service appointment last year (only service car has ever seen) = $300 for brake fluid flush and battery check. Battery report showed 1% or less capacity loss. Smart really engineered the car to last, I drive the heck out of the car, full acceleration and hard braking, and I still have 75% pads left. I want something new, and have a deposit on a 2017 453 ED waiting in Halifax to get to Toronto, hopefully soon!
  8. Just put down $2K deposit on 2017 Smart ED coupe. MSRP $28800 $3K in options Black panels with "electric green" tridion $200 LED lighting $700 Pano roof $390 touch screen $1600 arm rest $125 Car is currently in Halifax awaiting certification. Estimated delivery is end of September. The Smart loyalty discount was quote as $500 (it used to be $1000). Dealer first offer is a discount of $2K on top of loyalty (I consider this a "starting place" for negotiation). Ontario rebate is $13K Trade in quote for 2013 Smart ED with 25000 km is $8500. Looking at ~$12K on the road for trade - up. If it's worth $8500 for trade in 4 years from now, that's $3500 to drive 4 more years. Not as good a deal as I intend to finally negotiate, but it's a stake in the ground for now. Figured I had better put down my deposit for one of the first coupe's off the boat to reserve my place in line. This car was the highest optioned of the list of cars for this dealer. Not as highly optioned as I would have personally spec'd, but the color is what I wanted. For reference, I've gone in to three dealers and priced out new cars: 2017 Nissan Leaf would only be $2000 more than the Smart over a 4 year period, as Nissan has significant discounts, and Ontario rebate is $14K (5 seat cars get the full rebate). 2017 Chevy Volt would be $4000 more than the Smart over a 4 year period, with dealer willing to budge only $1000 on MSRP. Decision is made easier because we prefer the looks and go-cart driving characteristics of the Smart vs Leaf, and don't want to use gas and dislike Chevy corporate politics (anti-Tesla). My plan B is a used BMW i3. There's one on auto trader for $23K, which is probably $6K to drive over 4 years (after trade in and factoring in $3K of out of warranty repair/maintenance), reasonably attractive, but I prefer an in-warranty car for peace of mind. I like the looks of the i3, and the performance is way above the Smart. It's an option. I've got a few months...
  9. Edited to clarify. Yes, 2013 ED cabrio vs 2017 ED coupe. The 2013 ED coupe was even faster than the 2013 cabrio. What were they thinking? Slower and less range? They're making it so hard to trade my 2013 in ... However, the Ontario rebate of $13K is beyond compelling, The new cabrio should be about the same price as I paid for my 2013 ED coupe. At least the L2 charging is 2x faster, and the chassis and interior seem nicely done.
  10. 2013 Smart ED cabriolet 0-30 mph = 0-48 kph = 3.1 s 0-60 mph = 0-96 kph = 9.8 s 2017 Smart ED coupe 0-10 km/h = 00.6 s 0-20 km/h = 01.3 s 0-30 km/h = 02.0 s 0-40 km/h = 02.7 s 0-50 km/h = 03.5 s 0-60 km/h = 04.6 s 0-70 km/h = 05.7 s 0-80 km/h = 07.2 s 0-90 km/h = 09.0 s -100 km/h = 11.3 s As per:
  11. $400 with tax is what I paid for my 3 year service. I have only brought my Smart ED in once, but I purchased, not lease. I had a list of issues to fix, they didn't do any of them. So, yeah, if you're not handy, pay up, otherwise, others have listed jobs you should do such as the battery cartridge and brake fluid.
  12. Fleet Carma has supported the Smart ED in the past with their previous devices. I too applied for this project to support a new technology company in Waterloo Ontario. They provided an adaptor for our Tesla and did advise they are working on the Smart ED.
  13. Doubt it. Have not seen a single person post on any Smart forum or video from owner.
  14. I agree, the range is an issue, but the charger is 7kW, adding 30 km/ hour of charge, so to do 200 km in a day, you charge at your destination for 2.5 hours, and charge 30 minutes somewhere along the way. The Hyundai Ioniq is $35K, about $7K more expensive for about 2x the range. The Bolt is $42K, $14K more expensive for more than 3x the range. There is no other electric convertible outside of Smart ($32K) and Tesla ($100K), so that is a key "feature" drawing me to the Smart.
  15. Adding tax and destination, subtracting the rebate and factoring in "destination" and other charges: (28800*1.13)+1200-13000 = $20744 I was quoted $8500 trade in for my 2013 Smart ED recently, so my cost would be: ((28800-8500)*1.13)+1200-13000 = $11139 If I drive this new 2017 Smart ED for 4 years like my current one, get $8K on trade in, that would be a 4 year after tax cost of : (11139-8000)/48 = $65/mo The convertible would be (((32000-8500)*1.13)+1200-13000)-8000)/48 = $140/mo (taxes included) This is not a hard decision...