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  1. You sound so authoritative, but the tail lamps are claimed to be LED on Smart website. Please advise on how you know different?
  2. That's the link, this web-app should work, but my dealer didn't have any documentation in their training system for it, there were other 453 documents, but nothing for apps. I've got him looking into it, as I haven't yet filled out the survey they sent for the purchase, and I advised him that a perfect 10 would include getting the app to work. He he. :-)
  3. I purchased the LED lighting option with the auto-high beams for our new 2017 Smart ED. Intend to test it out tonight and report back.
  4. I'm waiting for the dealer to get back to me on the required steps to enable the app. So far, this wasn't listed in their training, and their internal information site (I looked over his shoulder) had no details on the new 453 app, even if it had the details for the 2013-6 ED's.
  5. Just picked up mine today as well. We love it. Big step up from the 451 2013 Smart ED that we traded in. I'll write a full review and driving impressions in a weeks after I get some experience. So far. Plus -Softer, smoother, more refined road manners. Much better over rough pavement. -Good tech. Got the 7" touch screen, works well, integrates with Android phone reasonably. -More recuperation/regeneration in standard mode than the older 451 Smart ED. -Quiet cabin, very solid sounding doors, much more upscale interior. -Heated seats and steering wheel (BONUS!) Negatives -About 90% of the initial acceleration vs older Smart ED, which I expected, the old Smart ED planted me in my seat from a standstill, the new Smart ED is a smoother take off (in ECO mode or not) even when fully planted on the floor. Included charging cord is 120V 12A maximum, defaults to 6A. Dealer didn't fully charge the car, left with just enough range to get home and do a trip tonight. Dealer didn't provide the codes to enable the remote pre-condition/etc functionality I used to have with my smart phone, will need to follow up to get this working (I created a thread). Dealer didn't apply for Ontario rebate, made me do it. Dealer had 5 deliveries of Smart ED in just the past few days.
  6. Have any Smart ED 453 owners connected with this web application? App link:
  7. Rebooting thread. I was right about price, around $30K. I decided to put down a $2000 deposit a few months ago for the top spec loaded coupe they had already put in for order so I could take delivery ASAP as my 2013 Smart ED was approaching out of warranty in November. I'll take delivery just as my old car is out of warranty, pretty interesting timing. $28800 MSRP $3000 options (pano roof, LED lighting, green tridion, audio + nav + rear camera, arm rest) -$2500 discount ($2000) + loyalty ($500) $1700 fees (freight, pdi, admin) Sales price $31000 less $7500 trade in +taxes =$26500 payable -$13000 rebate =$13500 to pay off Their lease offer was $250/mo assuming the $13000 Ontario rebate was put as the down payment Residual listed as $13000 after 36 months. I purchased cash instead of lease, expect to be close to $220/month (taxes inc) with trade in after 4 years. More flexibility to sell any time I feel like, which worked well for my current Smart ED which I ran right to the 4 year point. Expect to take delivery next week.
  8. Multiple quotes in one article:
  9. Update : Got the final trade in price for my 2013 Smart ED, less than they offered only a month ago, good ol' dealer bait and switch. But they compensated by giving a reasonable discount off MSRP. Effectively paying $22K on the road, for black/green coupe with $3K in options (pretty much every option offered). This compares to $19K paid for my 2013 Smart ED which had $300 in options. So : Much newer car, with far better handling and tech for effectively the same price. If I keep it 4 years and get $10K on trade in, I'm looking at ~$210/month all-in (taxes inc). And in a world that won't happen, 8 years of ownership (to the end of the battery warranty) is more like $180/mo including maintenance (estimate a few thousand in costs from years 4-8). I love the 8 year battery warranty, that is the key reason for me to upgrade, as my 2013 is effectively out of warranty in a few in almost exactly 4 years to the day I got my 2013 Smart ED. Will be SAD to see it go, but excited to start a new journey.
  10. 2017 Smart ED now listed on rebate page:
  11. Lease option on new 2018 Smart Electric Drive coupe with black and green (special color + option) + led + touch screen audio and pano roof upgrade.$31K purchase price (MSRP + $3000 options - $2500 dealer discount)36 months and 54000 km allowed2.9% finance rate$13K residual$13K downpayment (effectively I need to put up this amount and apply for rebate to get it back)= $250/month taxes included for 36 monthsThis is reasonable, as I have effectively paid $220/month to own my Smart ED over 4 years including purchase, taxes and interest minus trade in.I am not sure I can beat this by purchasing outright and selling might be the way to go this time...
  12. FYIMy Mercedes/Samrt dealer phoned 10 minutes ago, my Smart ED has arrived in Toronto, yah!But they told me explicitly they will not apply for the rebate on my behalf, it's my responsibility, boo!But they are looking into a lease option which would force them to apply for the rebate, so I just pay a lease payment, yay!
  13. I cannot remember the last time power went out for more than a blink of an eye. I run a computer in the basement with no battery backup power, the Linux uptime was 300 days when I checked it a few weeks ago. 300 days where the power hasn't glitched more than a few seconds, which is the DC power supply lag time. Better, it's been 14 years since the 2003 power outage. If it's 14 years between multi-day power outages, spending money on generators is a poor investment in time/effort IMHO.
  14. Buy a Volt. Seriously. Lots of used 2012's available. If the Smart ED doesn't fit your driving patterns, don't buy one, you'll regret it. Charging from generator is possible, but a pain, see this video :
  15. I think this review is really smart.