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  1. For reference. Bought 2013 Smart ED new for $19200 all-in (taxes, rebate - $8500 at the time). Traded for $8500 for new 2018 Smart ED in November 2017. Therefore, my 4 year cost was $220/mo. New 2018 Smart ED with $13000 Ontario rebate is about $20K all-in with 8 year battery + drive system warranty. If you get $9000 on trade in over 4 years, it's still in the low $220/mo over 4 years. Versus purchase of $10K all-in for used. Drive out of warranty for 4 years, trade for $4000, cost is $125/mo. If battery dies at year 4, car is worth $1000 for parts and sale of battery modules. Let's say risk is 1/1000 risk of loss of car function at end of 4 year period. In this case you end up paying same as new cost. So, used is half the cost if you have no issues, or about the same cost as new over 4 year period if you have rare catastrophic battery issue. My 2013 Smart ED was PERFECT, only $3 in unscheduled maintenance (tail light bulb). The only reason I bought new was I could afford to and I wanted the new model.
  2. These are not normal issues. My Smart ED heats quick, clocks keeps time, car pre-conditions on schedule, etc. My heated steering wheel gets warm quick and stays on for at least an hour, which is the longest trip I've taken in the car in one single drive.
  3. No. Battery cells hold the same charge no matter the voltage they were charged at. ^^ This! Using the battery (drawing energy from the cells) and charging the battery (putting energy into the cells) both cause warming of the battery cells. Warmer cells are more efficient than colder cells at drawing energy. This reduces the watt hours per kilometer used. If you drive a distance, park and charge, and then drive again, you have done two heat cycles to the cells and the battery is more efficient for this profile of usage when compared to starting the car from a cold morning without pre-heating the car (pre-condition). I have driven 30000 km in a Smart ED in all conditions charging on 120V. The key to getting the best range in cold weather is pre-conditioning the car before leaving. Unfortunately, Smart has disabled the app used to do this pre-condition, so you need to manually select this option when shutting the car off the night before (see owners manual for instructions).
  4. I've owned the 2013 and now 2017/8 Smart ED (bought in Nov 2017). They both heat up quickly, and the heated seats are not on a timer, they stay on until turned off. The 2018 is far more car, far more. Suspension and handling is improved significantly. Heated steering wheel is awesome in the cold. Audio is better (bluetooth and good USB). Cabin is more quiet and more shoulder room with passengers. BUT it's the same range (perhaps a few % better), slower (1s slower to 100 km/h) and more expensive.
  5. I've owned both a 2013 and traded for the 2017 Smart ED, both heat up quick, but the 2013 was for sure better in that regard. I think the 2017 has a similar sized heater, as the dash reports 3kW when heating, about the same as the 2013. The 2017 takes a few xtra minutes to get hot hot hot when it's 0C or colder out, but within 4 minutes, it's toasty.
  6. My new Smart ED doesn't seem to have any cold battery warning. We ran it in -22C after 10 hours cold soaked a few days ago, no power drop. Although, the defrost is nowhere near as good as the previous generation Smart ED, at least the new car has heated steering wheel.
  7. I was given a VVC code, the same type of code provided when I got my 2013 Smart ED. However, the code does not allow use of the old app with the new car. The new app (just a website actually) does not work, it's a demo... VERY frustrated with Daimler, once again they produce all sorts of #fail when Tesla get's these things perfect. I will be sadly leaving my Smart ED in the driveway when my Model 3 is available for delivery next year. Not being able to pre-condition the cabin is super frustrating on a -22C day like today.
  8. Have any Smart ED 453 owners connected with this web application? App link:
  9. The range of the new Smart ED is better than the old Smart ED, that is for certain, confirmed both 15C and -15C weather. Not by much, but better for sure. However, last night in -22C the new Smart ED could not fully defrost the windshield. The old Smart ED was also not great in -20C weather, but I recall it being more effective at defrosting.
  10. Car size matters less in the city where the average speed is 40 km/h for my commute, both cars have good energy recuperation on braking, the Tesla is a bit stronger which I prefer. As for heating/cooling, the Tesla certainly can use more, but the heated seats in both cars usually mean I don't need to run a loud fan to heat the cabin. I generally pre-condition the Tesla at my desk before going out to the parking lot, so that's a big benefit over the Smart in the winter for sure. The Smart has a small cabin, so it heats up very quickly. The Smart ED uses 3kW on average during the coldest days to heat the cabin, the Tesla can peak at 6kW, but once the cabin is up to temperature, and the heated seats are maxed out, the heaters pretty much stop and I "coast" home using only the motor energy. I personally feel the Smart ED is less well engineered than the Tesla, by a massive margin, I commented to my wife tonight just how much stuff Tesla got right that Mercedes with all their years haven't. Simple stuff like an app that can pre-heat the car without being plugged in. Really sad indictment on how little innovation there is at Mercedes. Even BMW got that right in the i3, good app support is a basic thing. Ford is also lagging, their app routinely doesn't work for Focus EV customers, I see that reported on the forums.
  11. I have both a 2013 Tesla and had a 2013 Smart ED, now upgraded to 2017 Smart ED. The Tesla is equally as efficient for my 40 km round trip city commute. The new Smart ED is more efficient than the old Smart ED, by 15% less energy use on the highway, but similar in city. New Smart ED has heated steering wheel, big benefit over my older EV's.
  12. My new 2017 Smart ED is substantially slower in acceleration feel compared to my 2013 Smart ED. Smart did the wrong thing, they sapped the thrust, but I'm OK with it for now, as I will be getting my Model 3 in a years time, and that will cure my itch for performance.
  13. Got my fleetcarma device for my new 2017 Smart ED, will post update in a months time.
  14. The "brat" sound I hear on light regenerative braking I am referring to does not produce any physical vibration like the ABS self check. I'll have to record it with a USB microphone attached to my laptop using USB extension cord and duct tape of the car window I guess...too faint to record in cabin, only human ears can detect it.
  15. Glad this worked out. My new 2017 Smart ED has an interesting sound that is emitted when the car is doing a small amount of regeneration. All full regen, no sound, but when I just gently get off the accelerator, there is a noticeable (but not annoying) "brat brat brat" repeating sound, about 4 "brats" per second. Meant to record it, but my phone can't resolve the sound, so it's not overly loud or objectionable. Neither my previous 2013 Smart ED nor my wife's Tesla make such a sound.
  16. 3% after commute drive home, kick ass car, loved my old 2013 Smart ED. My new 2018 Smart ED isn't nearly as aggressive in terms of acceleration or driving dynamics, just a far better car, and hard to get it completely unhinged, whereas the old Smart was easy to get "over the edge" with it's smaller tires and narrow wheel base. I really drove hard today in my new Smart ED, heavily into the anti-lock multiple times, throwing it around from lane to lane, no drama, it's finally a real car.
  17. You sound so authoritative, but the tail lamps are claimed to be LED on Smart website. Please advise on how you know different?
  18. That's the link, this web-app should work, but my dealer didn't have any documentation in their training system for it, there were other 453 documents, but nothing for apps. I've got him looking into it, as I haven't yet filled out the survey they sent for the purchase, and I advised him that a perfect 10 would include getting the app to work. He he. :-)
  19. I purchased the LED lighting option with the auto-high beams for our new 2017 Smart ED. Intend to test it out tonight and report back.
  20. I'm waiting for the dealer to get back to me on the required steps to enable the app. So far, this wasn't listed in their training, and their internal information site (I looked over his shoulder) had no details on the new 453 app, even if it had the details for the 2013-6 ED's.
  21. Just picked up mine today as well. We love it. Big step up from the 451 2013 Smart ED that we traded in. I'll write a full review and driving impressions in a weeks after I get some experience. So far. Plus -Softer, smoother, more refined road manners. Much better over rough pavement. -Good tech. Got the 7" touch screen, works well, integrates with Android phone reasonably. -More recuperation/regeneration in standard mode than the older 451 Smart ED. -Quiet cabin, very solid sounding doors, much more upscale interior. -Heated seats and steering wheel (BONUS!) Negatives -About 90% of the initial acceleration vs older Smart ED, which I expected, the old Smart ED planted me in my seat from a standstill, the new Smart ED is a smoother take off (in ECO mode or not) even when fully planted on the floor. Included charging cord is 120V 12A maximum, defaults to 6A. Dealer didn't fully charge the car, left with just enough range to get home and do a trip tonight. Dealer didn't provide the codes to enable the remote pre-condition/etc functionality I used to have with my smart phone, will need to follow up to get this working (I created a thread). Dealer didn't apply for Ontario rebate, made me do it. Dealer had 5 deliveries of Smart ED in just the past few days.
  22. Rebooting thread. I was right about price, around $30K. I decided to put down a $2000 deposit a few months ago for the top spec loaded coupe they had already put in for order so I could take delivery ASAP as my 2013 Smart ED was approaching out of warranty in November. I'll take delivery just as my old car is out of warranty, pretty interesting timing. $28800 MSRP $3000 options (pano roof, LED lighting, green tridion, audio + nav + rear camera, arm rest) -$2500 discount ($2000) + loyalty ($500) $1700 fees (freight, pdi, admin) Sales price $31000 less $7500 trade in +taxes =$26500 payable -$13000 rebate =$13500 to pay off Their lease offer was $250/mo assuming the $13000 Ontario rebate was put as the down payment Residual listed as $13000 after 36 months. I purchased cash instead of lease, expect to be close to $220/month (taxes inc) with trade in after 4 years. More flexibility to sell any time I feel like, which worked well for my current Smart ED which I ran right to the 4 year point. Expect to take delivery next week.
  23. Multiple quotes in one article:
  24. Update : Got the final trade in price for my 2013 Smart ED, less than they offered only a month ago, good ol' dealer bait and switch. But they compensated by giving a reasonable discount off MSRP. Effectively paying $22K on the road, for black/green coupe with $3K in options (pretty much every option offered). This compares to $19K paid for my 2013 Smart ED which had $300 in options. So : Much newer car, with far better handling and tech for effectively the same price. If I keep it 4 years and get $10K on trade in, I'm looking at ~$210/month all-in (taxes inc). And in a world that won't happen, 8 years of ownership (to the end of the battery warranty) is more like $180/mo including maintenance (estimate a few thousand in costs from years 4-8). I love the 8 year battery warranty, that is the key reason for me to upgrade, as my 2013 is effectively out of warranty in a few in almost exactly 4 years to the day I got my 2013 Smart ED. Will be SAD to see it go, but excited to start a new journey.