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  1. TYPO or is it dyslexia
  2. I think I've got the Mussel Car thing. 1st you get an old boat that is great for going down the highway, (well maybe not great) then you strap in a honking big V8, remember when designing and American Car you 1st start with a V8, add the cup holder and then move out from there. Getting distracted here, back to the enlightenment. So now you have the big V8, lots of wonderful noises, then you add chrome, lots of it if possible more the better particularly the wheel, its essential they are as tacky as possible (sorry shiny) , no point making a half hearted attempt, sounds good, looks great, (well depending on your taste of course) Now its time to drive it. Holly crap this thing is quick, holly shit it doesn't stop..... and my god is that corner....., call the national guard, still, I could always park it at the show and shine, boy it does sound good. Maybe I don't get the Mussel Car thing probably for the same reason that most north Americans don't get the Caterham; in the end my conclusion (misguided as it may be) is north Americans buy cars by the pound, so the big boat is obviously much better value for money than the stupid little Caterham.
  3. Agreed
  4. Great story, great looking car. You are right about the motor, they are a sweet as a nut.
  5. Are they doing the 453 as an electric model
  6. I have driven both at the track, cars were owned by 2 of my students. Your choice of either Fiat or Mini indicates that your looking at a quirky car. The Cooper S is a good car, NOT a great car, it has some major bad points, expensive, heavy, and very little driver feed back. The Fiat is top of the quirky list, cute, expensive and also underpowered, and has the magic Abarth name, except in my opinion it isn't radical enough to wear the name. As a Smart owner you already have the ultimate quirky car, buy the Fiesta ST
  7. Dont talk him out of it, its a doodle LOL
  8. The door latch isn't the problem, its the hinges
  9. The front panel does need to be removed to do this job, it isn't difficult.
  10. It was 12 years ago that I did mine, sorry cant remember what tools were required, good luck. Terry
  11. I had the problem on our UK Passion, took the front panel off and adjusted the hinge, no more problem.
  12. A tragic story is emerging from Nepal about the terrible disaster that has claimed over a 1000 lives so far. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32467986
  13. We didnt buy our Smart because of the fuel economy, we bought it becuase we think its cool, easy to park, get it and a blast to drive, so Im probally not the right person to ask. In th end it has to be about the joy of ownership and the fun factor NOT the money
  14. I would agree, 5000 km on synthetic oil is ridiculous, I wait till the 15,000 service. Thanks for your reply.