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  1. Sold Thank you. I'm sorry, I put the wrong domain on my e-ddress. All fixed now. I have a set of Brabus wheels with Continental tires for sale. The tires have 6/32 left...should be good for 2 years. Asking $250 per, plus shipping, if needed. Located in Edmonton. If you don't get an answer on here:
  2. And there would have been a lot more if Canada had not insisted on an upward firing ejaection seat instead of the downward one which planted many German pilots into the tarmac when they ran into trouble on landing.
  3. How soon before we all have to do like the Russians and mount dash cams?
  4. Hi Izzy Pug City is the go to place here in Edmunchuk Don't know if they do out of province inspections but a phone call after you get here will solve that dilemma. Welcome to Edmonton
  5. Isn't it lovely that we are just NOT allowed to have nice things in this day and age?????
  6. I'm sorry you had this issue but I'm glad you posted.I may have had the same issue a while back. The car wouldn't come out of park and the ABS hazard light was on.Luckily I looked up this forum and found out how to release the shifter with a screw driver.I left the car in neutral and had to leave the key in the ignition, with a 'Club on the wheel.After a couple of days the fault went away, the shifter worked and it hasn't happened since.I didn't notice if my reverse lights weren't working.If it does happen again I'll know what to tell Pug City so they can find it-----maybe I hope you can solve your issue and thank you for posting.Rick
  7. Is there a reason you haven't done this?
  8. I thought you guys in the states had the 'Lemon Law' to protect you from cases such as this?
  9. Ya but with nitrogen you get that pretty little green valve cap.That's gotta be worth something
  10. This guy was being a dick right from the get-go. I don't blame the cops for reacting as they did. They've had trouble with him in the past, apparently. Quote "The officer, his marked patrol vehicle and the electric vehicle were all in clear view of the tennis courts. Eventually, a man on the courts told the officer that the man playing tennis with him owned the vehicle. The officer went to the courts and interviewed the vehicle owner. The officer's initial incident report gives a good indication of how difficult and argumentative the individual was to deal with. He made no attempt to apologize or simply say oops and he wouldn't do it again. Instead he continued being argumentative, acknowledged he did not have permission and then accused the officer of having damaged his car door. The officer told him that was not true and that the vehicle and existing damage was already on his vehicles video camera from when he drove up. Given the uncooperative attitude and accusations of damage to his vehicle, the officer chose to document the incident on an incident report. The report was listed as misdemeanor theft by taking. The officer had no way of knowing how much power had been consumed, how much it cost nor how long it had been charging. The report made its way to Sgt Ford's desk for a follow up investigation. He contacted the middle school and inquired of several administrative personnel whether the individual had permission to use power. He was advised no. Sgt. Ford showed a photo to the school resource officer who recognized Mr. Kamooneh. Sgt Ford was further advised that Mr. Kamooneh had previously been advised he was not allowed on the school tennis courts without permission from the school . This was apparently due to his interfering with the use of the tennis courts previously during school hours." End Quote
  11. I gave that a try, but it didn't work.I'll try the MS forumsThank you smartTpiAnd thank you Mr. Wight
  12. It's a MS Word program to keep track of patrol times and add any notes that need to be posted.It's been working for years until we went to "7", now there seems to be a problem with the macros that won't let us set the date or location or any of the rest.I just need it adjusted so it will work again.Can you help, Kags?Rick
  13. Is there anyone on here who is good with MS Word 2010?I've got a little program at work that doesn't work since we upgraded(?) to MS7I'd like to send the file to someone who might be able to figure it out.ThanksRick
  15. Check out these guys. Don't know anything about them, just found the link for you.