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  1. Would you happen to know where I can get a replacement back window for my 2006-07 Smart Pulse. It completely shattered a few days ago. 

    1. Willys


      There is a wrecker on Wier's side road in Georgina, they had 2 but when I asked if i could buy one for $100 or less he laughed and said he gets $450 for them every day of the week...!   I am always worried it might shatter so i am very careful with mine now....

  2. Smart142: do you know where I can get a replacement for my 2006-07 Smart Pulse back window? It completely shattered. 

  3. Thanks, Leadwing. I was replying to the individual--Fuelsiper? I think?--who indicated he wanted a diesel. I have one and I am just getting ready to sell it. I bought it in 2006 and I love it, but lots of water under the bridge since 2006 and I've since married (he's American) and I only live in Canada half the year. So, it's really (past) time to let it go. Every time I'm in Canada I run out of time to put it up for sale. So I am not looking, but rather selling. But thank you. -- Estelle
  4. I am just about ready to list my 2006 Smart Pulse. Diesel. 86,426 km. I am its only owner and it has been used only half the year in the last six years.