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  1. Hi there, My 2013 smart Passion has been a wonderful trouble free experience, with a small exception. For the second time now, the engine symbol has appeared in yellow. The car still runs as it always has, no issues at all. A trip to the dealer (which is quite a jaunt) got it reset and I was basically told, oh well, it happens. Anyone else ever had or have this issue? Thanks! Sue
  2. Hi All, Great new look to the site, love it! Took my car into the dealer for his annual service. At the time I inquired about how to get/do navigation system updates. I almost fainted. First, they didn't know (!) After looking into it they cam back with an almost $300 charge (it has to come from Bosch, you know) and a minimum of one hour labour, so with taxes, I would be looking at a $500 bill. Goofy, when I have only had one street not found in the year I have had the car. Anyone aware of any other means to get the update? Sooner or later I will need one. Cheers, Sue
  3. That's the info that I found, too Darren. Very disappointing!
  4. First run for us, and it won't be our last! We had a great time, it far exceeded our expectations! Last but not by any means least, KUDOS TO MAX for his outstanding route planning.Sue and Rick
  5. See you at about 9:15! We are staying in a freebie reward points hotel in Belleville. Saw a bunch of smarts at the ramada in Trenton when we were doing a run through of the meeting locations. going to be fun!
  6. Hi KarenWe would each like a shirt. Can you give me some insight about sizes please? My apologies if it has been posted before...Sue
  7. Shall meet you in person at the Mystery Run, Noah!! It sounds like so much fun, we are excited to go. [
  8. Please add me as a tentative! Sounds like a blast, hopefully work commitments line up.
  9. Hi SteveI am a bit late coming to the dance here, but this fellow is very knowledgeable, answered my questions promptly and always returned emails.Good luck! Noah Kroll> Smart Specialist> Mercedes-Benz Markham> 8350 Kennedy Rd. Markham ON L3R 0W4> Phone: (905) 305-1088> Fax: (905) 305-1080> Email:> Website:
  10. Thanks everyone! It has gone away on it's own, and my smart centre said don't worry about it. Could be the extreme cold. i guess I will just have to wait and see.
  11. Hmmm....getting tempting...what kind of trade would you give me on my 2013 passion??? Has 12,102 km on it.
  12. Hi NoahDo you still have an electric cab in stock as shown on your website? Or any cabrios?Thanks, Sue
  13. Hi there,I am a new Smart owner, but this looks like it might be fun. I live in the Hamilton area. Is there anything special that I have to do to sign up?Thanks!Sue