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  1. Hey Guys! Hope youre all well! Still in the GTA, We moved to Mississauga. No smarts at the moment but maybe soon - would like an electric. We just leased a Ford Escape SEL with the 2.0 motor and it's fun. You guys doing a mystery run 2018?
  2. Apparenty my account still works. Been almost 3 years to the day since I was laid off by MB. How's everybody been? how about those new Smart cars? -Noah
  3. Wow, I'm really impressed and grateful that I had so many friends on the site! I'll do my best to visit if there are any local smart events. Thanks for being a great community!
  4. Just a quick note in case anyone headed to Markham to see me. Mercedes-Benz, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to lay me off. The reason is that they are eliminating the smart specialist position and only supporting smart in high density areas like downtown Toronto. It's nice that they didn't even consider that I sold about 3x the cars as downtown. Anyway, if you want a smart now, you'll have to buy it from an MB rep who won't be knowledgeable about the cars, especially the newer 453. In my last few months it was clear that MB was cutting most support towards smart. I will not be involved with the smart mystery run. Sorry for the negativity.... it's just hard to accept that after working hard to break all sorts of sales records and support the brand with helping online members and participating in events. And to be laid off on a THURSDAY, the day after doing 5 new car deliveries AND 4 weeks before my wedding reception, was disgusting and a complete lack of professionalism. I hope everyone has a good rest of 2015. If you want to find me, I'm now at Endras BMW (401 & Salem in Ajax) and Can help with both new and used BMW & Mini.
  5. Yes, As Mike said.... the 2016 ED is still on the 451 body. No big changes from 2015 other than a few colours (Hazel Brown) and the return of red interior.
  6. First Boatload of 2016 ED's is on it's way! Visit me to reserve one of the first, or place a deposit for a custom factory order! PM me for more info or to set up a time to meet. Thanks!
  7. Looking for ideas for this years Mystery Run. For those who attended previous ones.... what were some highlights? What didn't work? For this year, looking for suggestions. Where would you like to go/do/see? General ideas of places to go, but also if you know a specific place that would be worthwhile to consider - please share! -Small townships/villages that would be nice to drive through -Attractions, factories, museums, brewery/wineries, farms, etc... What was the opinion on the Trenton area last year? What does the forum feel about starting more centrally near Toronto? All help is appreciated.
  8. Meh, one email in 18 months, I'm not too bothered. Now, if I can get the window and duct cleaning telemarketers to stop calling me 3x a day - id be happy
  9. Anyone Else get this email? I just got it today: Let's benefit from each others sites Amy Jacobson <> Hello! I am Amy and I have found during browsing. First of all I would like to congratulate you on succesful running of your site. Your graphic design is very nice and I enjoyed reading its content. I would like to offer you a 3-way link exchange, which will improve your Google ranking and brings more visitors to your site. I hope to get the same results as you so this offer is of course free of charge. I have pretty extensive number of sites on different topic, so I am sure that we will find something that will fit to your site. Feel free to ask any questions. I will be pleased to entertain any questions. Amy Jacobson
  10. In the maintenance booklet, look to page 9 for most of what they do at the service. In the Service Booklet (not all cars have one), page 58-64. If you ask them to not replace the battery in your remote, you can save a little $
  11. If you're doing 8 amps, it's rated at 24 hours from 0%; 16 hours at 12amps. Level 2 / 240v is rated at 8 hours. I just saw your car... were you here for service yesterday?
  12. Sorry Mike, I forgot how much the BC rebate was. I think I got it confused with Quebec. Thanks for the correction
  13. My ears are Burning! First off, I can only speak to Corporate dealers. I do not know what goes on with pricing/inventory from independent MB dealers. In July last year, BC pulled their EV rebate incentive. The cars raised in price by over $8k over night. Since Ontario still had the rebate, many of the cars were shipped here. LOTS were shipped here. So in August/September, right near the end of the model year, smart had about 3x the cars to sell than they expected in Ontario. So, heavy incentives were created. That was a one time thing - we will never see it again. Don't expect $99/mo again. That was before tax on a car with no options; You put payment 1 plus your $18xx dealer fees (freight, Tire recycling fee, etc) upfront. Don't feel bad, the current programs are still very good and typically below the cost of a bus pass - about $126/month plus tax with the dealer fees upfront, if you qualify for Loyalty (smart or MB owner). Duck - I suspect the dealership your friend went to rolled the dealer fees into the monthly payment. Have him contact me. There've been some new smarts in the last few months. The run-out Pure is a nice car, basically a Pure plus $590 to get alloy wheels, LED drls, power mirrors, power steering, dash pods, pano roof... it's basically a Passion without the touchscreen radio. I have some in stock if anyone wants more info. Loyalty on a gas model is $2000. Yes, we do not have stock of ED's at the moment. But that simply means you get to order one with the options you want rather than picking off the lot. Get in touch with me for more info, but an order takes about 2.5 months between your deposit and driving it off the lot. If you want an ED within the next 3-4 months, you stand a much better chance to order one than waiting for them to arrive. These are hot cars and last year created a lot of buzz about them. I do not expect to have many unsold units on the lot this year. A fully refundable deposit is all that's needed to order one. And finally... has anyone seen a recent weather report? The East coast is getting hit HARD. Our cars arrive in Halifax... so, there have been cars en route to Canada over the last few months but many are stuck at the port because it would be unsafe to load the trains with all the snow and ice. Blame mother Nature!
  14. Silver : 2016 is the same as 2015 (and '14/'13 for that matter) = no big changes. Just some option stuff (only black interior, no more touchscreen radio), Added a Hazel Brown colour. Dalplex - Since you want a car with no options, It would have to be ordered. I can only confirm payments for cars in stock right now. If you place a refundable deposit for a factory order, I'll know the payments when the car arrives. I've had previous customers from Barrie take an ED, so getting home should work out fine. It's about 90km to the Bayfield exit at hwy 400 from my dealership. Thanks
  15. Steve - heres the best I can do: