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  1. The irony! The Russian FREE PRESS is beating CBC Pravda, CTV and Global reporting on Climategate. The Canadian MSM is indeed in a sad state considering that two leading scientists from climate audit are at the centre of exposing the fraught.
  2. CRU got hacked the last few days and 61 MB of rather unpleasant data and Emails see the light after CRU did refuse for years to publish there methods and data, even claiming they lost the raw data. The Emails contain jaw dropping behaviour by the IPCC scientific elite like making fun of the death of a sceptical scientist. If you have investments in alternative energy now is the time to drop them.
  3. No I didn't had the orange kool-aid yet, but wouldn't mind a spoon full of DDT.A truly sinister quote from Alexander King, founder of the Malthusian Club of Rome, who wrote in a biographical essay in 1990, “My chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it has greatly added to the population problem.” King was particularly concerned that DDT had dramatically cut the death rates in the developing sector, and thus increased population growth.And here is what DDT does to humans.Edwards, a professor emeritus at San Jose State University in California, drank a spoonful of DDT in front of his entomology classes at the beginning of each school year, to make the point that DDT is not harmful to human beings. Now 83, and still fighting for the truth about DDT, Edwards is an avid mountain climber.
  4. I should read here book just to have a better argument but don't have the time for it in the moment.What I can gather is summed up quite well on the wiki page for Rachel_Carson and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. "Carson and the environmental movement were—and continue to be—criticized by some conservatives, who argue that restrictions placed on pesticides have caused needless deaths and hampered agriculture, and more generally that environmental regulation unnecessarily restricts economic freedom.[65][66][67] For example, the conservative magazine Human Events gave Silent Spring an honorable mention for the "Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries"."What I found most disturbing is that knowing full well that the benefits of DDT far outweigh the potential harm it could do Rachel Carson and the Environmental Protection Agency proceeded to get DDT band using the so called precautional principle.To enforce the ban aid organizations tide there food aid to the use of DDT so people in poor african countries had an option to die from malaria with a full stomach or starve to death.
  5. No need for a Gaia, environmentalists doing a darn good job in eradicating humans already think DDT or biofuel.
  6. That CO2 would cause some warming was never the issue even with a doubling from 280 to 560 halve of witch we have already seen would only produce 1.2 C warming.How that warming interacts with the climate system is the issue as depending whom you listen to it will end in a catastrophe.Oddly enough that are the same groups that later ask for more research money.Your believe in the authority of climate science is misguided as climate science today only has to be politically correct not scientifically.Wile untold billions of dollars get spend on climate science other areas like air and water pollution end up empty handed.The CFL's are a good example wile we trying to get a few less tons of CO2 into the Air, a rather harmless gas, we pollute our environment with mercury.Wile we could produce the same amount of electricity with less pollution with new modern power plants we are stuck with the old ones build in the 50th and 60th due to environmentalists efforts.All the solutions environmentalists propose actually did and will in the future damage the environment more than what we have now.CFL's , Biofuel , Wind Farms and the list goes on.Meanwhile perhaps better solutions like geo thermal systems don't get the attention they deserve.
  7. The NYT published "A-Climate-Correction".
  8. Interesting that the NYT refers to the 1995 IPCC report and not a more recent report. These sentenced wore in the draft approved by the scientists in the 1995 report. "None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can contribute the observed climate change to the specific cause of increases in greenhouse gases" "No study to date has positively attributed all or part of observed climate change to anthroponic causes" "Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate system are reduced." The IPCC is a political organization and therefore interested first and foremost in there own preservation but with statements like the three quoted there is little or no reason to continue studying AGW so the politicians got at it and replaced it with the statement repeated in the NYT article. "The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate." Don't think for a moment that the Global Climate Coalition is somehow biased and the IPCC is not. As of the arctic ice situation here we have 10000 scientists getting funded to the tune of 1.5 billion dollar. Not surprisingly finding thinning and generally disappearing ice and asking blatantly for continued funding. But looking at the arctic ice extend we have more ice now for this time of year than we had in resend years. And getting close to the 1979 to 2000 average. The other argument is that the ice got thinner over the years and will melt faster this year but a recent ice measurements show that the ice is thicker in places 4 meter were it was thought it would be only 2 meters thick. Pictures taken by the NAVY off the submarines at the north pole indicate that there was little or no ice there in 1958 and 1959. Makes those people from the Catlin Arctic Survey look rather foolish in particular as they almost froze to death earlier in there endeavour. Many people in the climate realist community contacted BBC bagging them to pull them out before they potentially die. Most amusing thing is the Top Gear team driving with 3 cars to the pole have a smaller carbon footprint than the Catlin team having there supplies flown in every few days. I sure you heard all that from Al Gore or David Suzuki first on CBC.
  9. I lost the alternator belt on my stock smart right as I was on the way to the dealership.It was slipping for weeks and as it broke and hit the under body I knew what happened.But no lights came on not even the battery indicator light the only thing that told me that something wasn't right was the increasing temperature and shortly after all blobs came on the smart went to limp mode right as I found a place to pull over.
  10. When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always want to be. Leonardo DaVinci
  11. Here I thought this thread is dead but somebody had to pull it up again The new Farmers' Almanac is out witch predicts below-average temperatures for most of the U.S. That puts them at odds with NOAA's prediction. Thanks to 192 years of experience and forecasts based on observation of the environment, they achieved an accuracy rate of 80 to 85 percent. NOAA on the other hand with there Playstation® 4 climate models couldn't get it right last year as they already than predicted 2008 will be warmer than 2007. One interesting aspect is that the Almanac is a market based product, if they couldn't get it right most of the time there market would disappear and there wouldn't be a Farmers' Almanac today. NOAA on the other hand is grant based and the more scary and threatening there forecast is the more likely they can secure grants for there future research. I have another car so you probably don't see me that often here in the future anymore guess some people wouldn't be sorry about it.
  12. Don't know about Jeeps but all the cars and motorcycles I ever owned that had a manual transmission I could change the gears without using the clutch.Actually once I got the timing right between gas pedal and shift leaver it was a very smooth and fast gear change.
  13. The 3.0 CRD in my Grand Cherokee suppose to be build by Mercedes thats is stated in many test reports.Grand CherokeeAs I only referee to a Jeep in my post you maybe thought I got Jeep Liberty.
  14. My smart did work very well for me even tough it was my only car besides an RV. Over the years what worried me is the long time it takes to get seemingly minor repairs done.The other thing was the smart just still draws too much attention I felled like a goldfish in a glass bowl driving it there are always people staring at you or your car.I had good experience with Chrysler before and knowing that my new Jeep has the same engine as the CDI models from mercedes I like to think that I have the best of both worlds time will tell.
  15. Sold my smart last week. I got tired of having to plan services weeks in advance and spending a fortune to get them done.Last year I had a flat and even tough I bought two new tires they couldn't bring themselves to put them on the rims I had with me so I had to go to a tire shop close by.I can only imagine what would happened if my smart broke down waiting two weeks to replace a fuel-pump without courtesy car.I can stop by the locale dealer without any appointment and get My new Grand Cherokee CRD serviced for a lot less money.