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  1. I have a few alternatives.1. VW Jetta TDI - About $23k (before taxes and fees) and with 0% financing right now2. Chevy Cruze Turbo Diesel About $26k (before taxes and fees). No 0% offer, and mroe expensive than the Jetta, which has a well regarded TDI engine. The Cruze TD is unproven, as it's brand new3. Toyota Yaris - $15k, 0% financing. Yes, I know I won't get as good mileage as the Diesels, and will spend more on gas, but how long would it take me to recoup the money gained by going with one of the other 2?Also, during the past few hours I've been reading more about the CDI, and people are saying that since it's so light, mileage is easily affected by the wind. Apparently maintenance doesn't sem too cheap either. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Darn it...3.3L/100km sounded REALLY nice...I wish there were more diesel options in North America. It's unfortunate that people think hybrids are the way to go....
  2. I currently have a 2004 Toyota Echo RS. It's got 210k, and has been serving me well as a daily commuting car, doing 200km a day (100km each way) to and from work. I live in Barrie and commute to Mississauga (for the Canadians here). The other 2 days a week, when I'm not working, my wife takes it to work and does about 160km round trip. So we do about 6k a month. We also have a minivan (as we have 3 kids), but the van is only for family outings.To me, fuel economy is a big issue, even in my economical Echo, as I currently spend about $550 a month in gas. I get about 6L/100km. So, I stumbled upon the Smart CDI and noticed it does 3.3L/100km. How realistic is it to achieve that figure? It's very appealing considering it's about half the fuel consumption.If it makes any difference, my driving is mainly 80% highway, 20% City and I cruise at about 110km/h. How expensive is maintenance? My Toyota, other than regular oil changes during the past year has been next to zero. I've just needed to balance tires, do an alignment, and regular maintenance, which has been very affordable.I noticed the Smart CDI was only available in 2005 and 2006 here in Canada. You can find them used for $4-7k, depending on condition and mileage? Is the CDI a worthy replacement for my Echo to save even more money on gas? I know it was meant to be a city dweller's car, but can a smart cdi survive doing 60k/yr? Will it be economical on maintenance?