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  1. Hi, I have a 2006 with a block heater installed but no cable from the grill to er. Looking to buy one or pay someone to bail me one. Checked I with Eviloution and Kane suggested Brian Pinnell, but his website lists part but says he is no longer build cables. Tried his email but it bounced. This is my forts winter with the car, for the past four years I stored it and used my beater Volkswagen Passant but sadly she died this summer. I have a tempo shelter but am concerned about our cold Jan, Feb and March weather and starting since I need the car for work. i asked at the Mercedes dealer and he said it would be at least a couple hundred dollars if he could get one or more. Nuts!!! Thanks Brian brian at motioncamera dot ca Many thanks to all those who responded !! Got to love this group. I bought a cable from a fellow member via a referral. Cheers Brian
  2. Did you sell this?
  3. Black with stock grey interior, as of this writing March 2016, the car has slightly over 70, 000 original km on it. The starter and alternator and battery were replaced last fall and other than oil, filters and tune-ups the car runs like new. We store the car from mid December to mid April every year because street parking in the winter in Montreal is a nightmare and though we have a driveway it only handles one car. Maintenance when we bought the car was done at a Mercedes garage but then I found out about Mecano Soloution in Laval and Frederique has been nothing short of excellent as well as very very reasonable.