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  1. I bought a emulator from ebay (poland) that i dont need. It tricks computor when you bypass your egr valve. Paid $120 for it. Sell for best offer. Langley bc 6046163702 Also have connector from dealer for egr
  2. Well I have flat towed my 2005 smart car for about 4 years now with several trips south as far as palm springs and phoenix and have had no mechanical failures, I'm using a blue ox tow bar and base plate.The base plate was for a 2008 and newer model that I adapted by inverting the tubing that bolts onto my frame rails It takes me less than 3 minutes to hook up or unhook. All I do is put the car in neutral and release hand brake. I remove key and lock doors.
  3. Finally got my alternator out last night and took it to a small shop on Broadway this morning, he tested it before and after installing a new regulator and charged $85, im very happy, will install it Monday when I have time. All back together, was a difficult job but alternator is back in and car running fine, saved a $1000 or so so I'm happy happy.
  4. I tow my 05 cdi and have had no problems after a summer of short tows, use a blue ox tow bar and base plate.
  5. I tried to remove my alternator on my 2005 cdi, got as far as having the alternator unbolted and hanging loose, lost patience with trying to unhook wires on back of alternator, put it all back together and charge my battery every night, will try one more time when I have energy, will lower engine this time and see if that gives me more space for wiring. You need patience patience to do this job.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm from North Vancouver, joined yesterday looking for info to change alternator on 2005 diesel smartie, have owned it for a year and have had problems with lights and now alternator, too expensive to take to dealer so fixing myself. Installed a blue ox base plate on it and tow behind our rv. as well, love the fuel mileage.