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  1. Are there any rental companies renting them?
  2. The coupe pulse comes with a standard glass roof and has an optional electric glass sunroof for $1200.I assumed the standard glass roof doesn't open. Does it? I was just wondering if anyone that had the corrugated plastic roof ever had a sunroof installed.
  3. Anyone ever put in an after market sun roof? I just don't want to pay $1200 for the electric one.
  4. I'm very sad now.....I wanted to wait until next summer to get a Smart but now I'm afraid too.....which kind of makes me happy.
  5. Are they not releasing anything in 2007?
  6. They have changed the website, I guess they are trying to appeal to Smart drivers now, hehe
  7. Tholian silk -made of them not by them
  8. I love dead baby jokes!
  9. Thanks for the advice Duck. I finish college in June 2007 so I'm waiting until I've secured employement before I buy again. Depending on where I work and how far I have to travel my needs may be different. Plus I've put 5 years into paying for the Rio so I might as well drive it a while longer. I tend to be an impulse buy and at first I thought my want for a Smart would probably fade but I can't get rid of this "feeling" that I need one. I think I will do like you say and start saving, it will feel really good to walk in with a cheque and drive out owning a car.Hi everyone!
  10. I've only made it to page 5 of this epic post but I'm freakin out now! I'm living off macaroni and noodles until I'm driving one of these. I feel more determined than ever! MUST DRIVE SMART!
  11. My Rio's been good to me; I drive the hell out of that little thing! I've already been for two test drives I think the MB dealer doesn't think I'm serious about the car becasuse he keeps limiting the test drives to 15 minutes. I've never heard of anything so foolish?!? I've never had an issue with long test drives. If I was smart Duck I would start saving too. I don't think I've actually saved for anything since I was 9 years old and wanted a mountain bike. Maybe a Smart will change my life for the better in more ways than one.