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  1. 06 Pure Diesel Help! My door latch has failed with the door closed! Can anyone tell me how to open the door? 06 diesel Pure The outside handle is loose and limp. The inside handle is resistant but springy. A couple of days ago the door would not latch, but a slammed it a few times and it did. After reviewing the forums I came back to attempt to remove and service the latch but now I cannot open the door! I have removed the inside door panel but still cannot access the latch. the curious thing is that the cable still seems connected and intact. Any help appreciated.
  2. That would be too easy and does not conform to my usual practice of making my life hard. LOLThat would be a much better fix and one that I shall adopt next time. Thanks!
  3. So, I have done a poor-mans fix on the leaking hose, temporarily at least. See the attached photo for the steps taken and commentary.I am sure that this would be frowned on and my preference is to replace the hose with a new one. I put the car on blocks but I could not see the other end of the hose, let alone get to it to replace it. So I resorted to filling the wear point and reinstalling. At the aft end there was an ordinary hose clip, so I reinstalled that.Thanks for the comments so far. Can anyone tell me how to get to the front end of the coolant hose?
  4. [Thank you, Izzy. That certainly clarifies what I am dealing with. I have patched the leak to buy some time until I can venture in to that project. I could not find a specific post on the subject by Toslen that you mentioned, although I did find some discussions that Tolsen was involved in.
  5. Hi Folks,I have a leaking hose from chaffing on the bottom corner of the radiator fan housing. How do I access the front side of the fan to get at the hose connection?Attached photo shows the hose in question as viewed from the rear of the car. Anyone know the part number of the hose?Thanks.
  6. SOLD Set of four brand new Smart wheel hub caps. Never used as I found a set of alloy wheels after I ordered them. $40 set. Centre wheel bearing caps. 2 available $5 each Can ship at your cost. I am located in Tsawwassen, BC 604-240-4700 Images below:
  7. I figured it out. After opening the SAM unit and the Ebox and found them in perfect condition (at least from a visual inspection). I was stuck. Next thing was to check the circuit boards in the instrumentation panel behind the speedo. Nothing wrong there. Inspiration then hit me to try the three leads that were connected to the "always live" main fuse bar. Maybe one of them was providing power to the back light. Sure enough, I unplugged one of them and the backlights went off. I simply reconnected it to a "switched" connection and it all seems to work fine. No more drained battery!
  8. Well, I got a whole lot more out of posting this question than I ever imagined. Thank you all for your input and the fascinating lessons in physics, chemistry and food packaging! However, "yes" or "no" would have made it clearer. What I gather is that nitrogen is not necessary.
  9. I'm installing some replacement alloy wheels and tires that I found on-line that are nitrogen filled. The tire repair place tells me that nitrogen is not important for us in the Lower Mainland and they just use air. What is your opinion? Is nitrogen required?
  10. Looks like my recent purchase has seen some potholes and the rear wheels are dented. I am looking for a good pair of basic steel rims, with or without tires. Will consider a set of four if the price is right.Found a set of alloy wheels. Now my Smart looks smart.
  11. Thank you for your replies and assistance. I have figured it out, see three attached photo's. The receiving receptacle has three pins that line up with neutral (centre pin) live and neutral. The block heater cord fitting houses the thin sleeves that slide over these pins. I simply chose the holes in the fitting that aligned with the pins, reassembled and away we went.Happy Smarting
  12. In one of my less intelligent moments in life, I reversed out of my garage forgetting to unplug the block heater cable. The connector actually disassembled itself and came apart without breaking anything. It was weird, almost like it was designed to do that. Problem is that there are three pins on the hot side (live/neutral/ground) providing power to the connector but seven holes on the female end of the connector. Six of the holes are numbered and then the 7th is in the centre.I am sure no one else has ever done this and the only reason that you know the answer is because of professional curiosity, but which pin fits into which hole? See attached photos.
  13. The small info display window backlight under the speedo is always on, 24/7. Anyone know how to fix this and if this will cause the battery to drain? If the light source is just an LED then I think it would take weeks or months to drain the battery, but I'm not sure.See photos.2006 cdi PureThanks!
  14. Thanks for the offer. I'm taking the car to Flying Tiger tomorrow. Hopefully it was just the connecter.
  15. Thank you. Bristol is a lovely part of the world. How is the SS Great Britain?