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  1. We recently lost our 2006 Passion Cabriolet to a rear end collision (ICBC written off). Due to a "clutch shudder" problem diagnosed by local Smart dealer as motor mounts and clutch wear, we had replaced the motor mounts with a Meyle HD motor mount kit (huge improvement over stock) and had obtained but not yet installed a new Sachs clutch kit and new Sachs clutch actuator. The quote for new parts from Mercedes was $2075.00 including a new transaxle input seal ($13.69) Will sell the Sachs parts for cost; $1100.00 Sachs clutch kit; dual mass flywheel, clutch disc, T/O bearing and fork. New Sachs clutch actuator. Located in Nanaimo British Columbia. will deliver locally to southern Vancouver Island. otherwise shipping is on you.
  2. Has anyone who has experienced trouble with the Bosch fuel injection pump found a lower cost solution than buying a new one from the dealer ($1400+). I am currently having one replaced due to a major fuel leak and find that Bosch does list a rebuilt pump - unfortunately none are available in Canada.Thanks