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  1. No check engine light. Yeah, I’m going to centrally bring it to a mechanic, just figured I’d ask in case someone had the same issues
  2. Last year driving my 2008 I all of a sudden had no power, couldn’t get above 10 miles an hour. Unfortunately I had to let it sit because of funds. When I went to move it recently it wouldn’t move at all so I went drive then reverse and after a few tries it “broke” free. Now it sounds like the brakes are locked and it scratches metal on metal while driving. Went up my hill and it kinda sputters with the power now. I did notice a very small puddle of some oil on my passenger side front rim. Is my axel shot? Could that have been my problem last year with loss of power? Thanks in advance everyone!
  3. Yeah, bright side though is dealer said they will get me the exhaust and ship it to me at the end of the week. I could prob put it in in a hour or so.
  4. Here they are... I included a pic of the broken exhaust......
  5. [Thank you!
  6. [Regular member?
  7. [i'll see if I can post some later. The size restrictions is tough here. Just emailed the dealer though. On the way home the exhaust broke free at the flex pipe before it goes to the muffler. Now it's a waiting game to see what they will do for me as I'm not going to drive 2.5 hours one way to fix an exhaust. Hopefully he will send me the new exhaust and I can put it in. Ive pulled the engine in my 69 Mach 1 Mustang so I think I can handle the tiny exhaust
  8. BOUGHT! 2008 Passion... Blue with gray Tridion.
  9. Yeah, that's why I'm leaning toward the 2008 I was looking at too. It's older and has double the miles but it doesn't have any problems at the time I'm buying it and it's $1,500 less. I just emailed them asking what prompted all this. What else is being done and will there be an extended warranty for the head gaskets if I decide to still purchase. Guess I'm gonna find out how good this dealership really is.
  10. Possible bad news. Dealer I am buying the car from on Monday just called. They had to take the Smart into Mercedes because the check engine light came on. Mercedes said it's going to be a couple days, after Christmas. I asked what the warranty work was and he said HEAD GASKET! Little nervous now. I know it will be fixed... but could this be the beginning of a lemon?It's a 2011 Passion with just under 24,000 miles on it.Would love some words of encouragement.......Or do I go for the 2008 with 51,000 on it at $1000 less than the 2011?Marc
  11. How does everyone hook up there phones to the Smart? That 300 cradle I saw from Mercedes is ridiculous. The place they put the hook ups is crazy too. Anyone run cables behind the dash so you could hide them?Marc
  12. Thanks everyone. Kinda figured but that's why I join forums. Best advice out there!
  13. Has anyone ever put this on their Smart? Did it help? Do as advertised? http://www.gfchips.com/smartfortwo.aspx Thx Marc
  14. Put a deposit down on a 2011!!! Going to go next Monday to drive and hopefully pick up. It's 2.5 hours from me lol
  15. I passed on it. He wouldn't budge. Trying for the other one now. No clue how I'm going to find 2.5 hours each way out of my day to get up there though LOL