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  1. hi, i am selling my 2005 smart fortwo passion coupe, it has 167000km on it.i am asking $3500 o.b.o wont go lower then $3000if interested please contact me at 705-429-0718 and ask for josh.would like to sell asap!!
  2. [thanks for the info
  3. .
  4. Welcome to the club
  5. Looking for a set of smart fortwo passion mirrors
  6. [Oh okay thanks ron
  7. where is the cheapest and best place to get a new set of mirrors?
  8. Okay i may be able to just put a bolt under the arm so it stays attached the person who had the car before me had it glued togethor
  9. Today i had my wipers going and then the left one stopped, i turned them off and on and still the same thing. So i left it for a few hours and tried again. Same result, the thing that moved the wiper came off
  10. Okay so i think it is the horn relay so how would i run a seperate horn button?
  11. okay you can put me on the confirmed list +1(maybe)
  12. A few days ago my horn went in the smart. I was thinking it had to be one of the fuses, but is there anything else that could cause the horn to go?
  13. Smart car battery has been dead for weeks now, i took it into canadian tire todayand was told it was garbage. Picked up a new one and car is running fine now.