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  1. Hey guys, any one know why my 450 won't shut off? Turn key off, and car keeps running. This happened to my wife and she opened up a book and started reading. The car ended up shutting off itself after 4-5 min. Thanks for your help you guys.
  2. Hey Mr! Wondering if you got into your new shop? I'm still in need of a muffler for my 450. If you would like to e-mail me my address is Thanks,Mike.
  3. Ok you guys, here's what the problem was with this ticking noise that resulted in one brake light not wanting to work sometimes and turn signals blinking normal until you apply brakes and then they go faster. The right front turn signal bulb needed to be changed! Do you believe that a bulb would cause all this? Now keep in mind this is the same car that gave me three bars of death as you guys say, from my shorted out left tail light assembly . Which i replaced that i got from MB ($80) You guys must admit i've had some weird problems !! Lol!!! Love the car, i guess i just have to laugh!! Thanks for all your suggestions once again that led me to the problem!!
  4. THanks for your input everyone, the ticking noise has been narrowed down to it only happening when headlights are on and also i noticed that when the ticking is going on the brake is pressed and the right brake light doesn't work but if you shut headlights off the ticking stops and the right brake light works again. The ticking is coming from a box that is located behind area of cupholder fastening area. Is this the E-box that your talking about? Thanks again . appreciate feedback!!!
  5. Thanks for all the feedback on my muffler everyone, will let you know what i end up doing! My next problem is a ticking noise that comes on when i press on the brakes. Goes off when i take my foot off brake pedal. Sounds like it is coming from behind dash. Can anyone give me any ideas? Thank once again!!!!
  6. Hello everyone! Hoping you guys can help me once again! My 450 needs a muffler and MB wants $490 and tax, ouch!!!! That's just for the part. Anyone know of another option? Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!!
  7. Wondering if you have a muffler for my 450 diesel ? Thanks Mike
  8. Sorry i didn't get back to you guys right away! I appreciate all of your input on the issue i was experiencing. It turns out the problem with the car was all to do with the left rear taillight. The one member mentioned he had problems with lights that were malfunctioning and that rang a bell with me because I've been experiencing a short in my tail light. So i disconnected the tail light , started the car, the 3 bars were there but i press the brakes and it reset the computer and bye, bye to the bars!!!! I ordered a new inner taillight and it took for ever to get. But it's in and i haven't had a problem since! One of the reasons i didn't get back to you , i just wanted to make sure this would solve the issue. Unbelievable a tail light would do all this. ( stop it from moving).Thanks so much for all the input and i hope others can learn from this and save some time!! Thanks again, Mike
  9. Thanks for all the feedback ! I checked the rings on the shafts, they look good. Prior to inspection, i watched the youtube video. My rings are in good shape compared to the ones in that video. I seen no visual cracks. I removed the actuator and the rod hasn't worn threw the fork. The one member mentioned the wet brake switch, where might this be? The line near the inner cooler, is this a wireharness? Thanks everyone for your help!!!!!
  10. ESP light stays on my 450, must have something to do with the lines that are showing in the display where we normally see what gear it's in. I should add that the car came to a stop, it would idle but that is all. Would not rev. Tried shutting off to maybe reset, but failed to respond. So there i am pushing car about 10minutes to home to find shutting car off and restarting in my driveway i was able to get it to move. Nice! But 10 seconds later it showed these lines again in display, but would move. So anyone with some info would be much appreciated. Been wondering if it has anything to do with me lubricating the actuator rod recently? Just prior to this i had trouble resetting the service wrenches, also wonder if this has something to do with what is going on? It's as if it's in a security mode! Any info would be appreciated! Hate to bring to dealer, they really don't have a great reputation. Thanks so much. It is so nice everyone helps each other . thanks again!!!!
  11. I appreciate your answer. I'm new to the forum, trying to figure out how this works. Thanks for your patients. I have the top strut bolt off with the strut assembly down into the wheel-well. It appears the spring is not broken. But i must say prior to loosening the strut there was movement up and down which i believe is the knocking i'm hearing because the other side has no movement. Thanks for your opinion
  12. hi, just wondering if anyone has fixed a strut that is making a knocking noise? thanks, Mike