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  1. Mb has this part in stock. Cheaper and quicker than xbay.
  2. Hello. Good condition 451 front struts, both left and right for a pair. thanks.
  3. Thanks. I would copy your concept with your permission if I had hard wood on hand. I may try aluminum if I had access of solid block. I ordered the 27 split collar and will see what it does.
  4. Cheapest deal I can find: 18mm shaft collar for 27. To answer any concern how to grip to this collar? I propose using pipe wrench. Or grind down some flat. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/264464859554
  5. Will go with xbay 120 on Monday. still waiting dealer call me back. If they do not or do not have. Already tried vide grip, probably had damaged the rod. Torch might damage the bearing. I do not mind buying a new struts assembly, but can not find anyone selling.
  6. I agree. Had worked on a ball joint press in. Spent 8 hours with a tired tool but took only 2 minutes after replacing with a better rated tool( the only one among 5-6 of them)
  7. I have electric one, claim to be 400 ft lbs. Not as powerful as 650 ft lbs air tool. The problem is the holding power. Losing can be a break bar.
  8. Thought about It but will pay 120 to xbay before attempt.
  9. This 10.78 usd shaft collar might work too but not ship to private address.
  10. The only place I found that ship to Canada. 120. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/293037424254