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  1. It is original but broken between the flexicoupler and the muffler. May be useful as the muffler itself has nothing wrong with. asking 200 obo.
  2. Bought new assembly from dealer and installed in 2 hour. The original one will be available for sale.
  3. Mig welded them together after failed by bronze. Then realized the alignment on the flange was off and basically can not seal. So, after fighting with rear flange bolt and putting back the rear panel for 2 hours end with square back to original. I think a dealer part of 485 is right choice.
  4. Get a quote today for 345.
  5. Thanks. If the connection has a little bit of straight pipe to clamp. Yes. It is fairly easy. The problem is the elbow shape connection is so short, making it barely possible to play with. I will try to put on some putty and tape first.
  6. Hi, looking for 451 muffler. The joint between the flexpipe and muffler is leaking and it and it seems not easy to be replaced with universal flexpipe. please advise the condition and cost. thanks
  7. Hi, low usage age of this grand style for sale. 189 k. Note:16 rim and tire is optional for another 1000. Asking for 4000.
  8. Condition is good. Egr valve cleaned. 2006 Grand Style convertible with 16" Spikeline rims. 176K. Asking for 7000 obo. 2008 passion just over 70k with 15"+17" Brabus rims with 7000 tag.
  9. Rear rim normally has negative offset. This one's e30 is close to front rim's offset.
  10. Another set of rim 5.5/15/e30 with 175/55/15. Fit front of 451?
  11. Everything is all right after erg clean up.
  12. Thanks fir all the advice. End up running of time. Bought two from dealer. Did see some from Europe,nice looking and last fir ever stainless steel Allen head.
  13. Running into another trouble. Drilled out an e8 bolt and thinking about replacing with Allen head . Best guess is M7 X1 as it seems smaller than the standard m 7 die. The trouble is it seems m7x1 is not common size.
  14. Eventually grind and drill off. Really do not want to try again.