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  1. The only downside I have with the 451 pads is that in damp and wet weather in the UK they are initially very squeaky, until a few miles running, then they become silent. Many other 451 owners in the UK have also complained of this.At least they are better than the 450 pads which if the car was left for a few days unused, they swelled up a bit and just jambed the cars pads to the disks, until a very high rev start and fast away, broke the pad surfaces free with a bang. Not good for the car I might add, but just lived with it for years. Again a common problem when left unused in damp and wet weather. Must have been the the material of the pads. At least this problem is not on the 451. Thank goodness.
  2. Some really good pictures of interiors and exteriors.... Exclusive smart fortwo and forfour preview at smarttimes
  3. New Fortwo Cabrio (later next year): Photoshop based on the new Fortwo coupe
  4. 3rd gen Smart video.....
  5. From the video issued today by, you can now see the side view of the 3rd Gen Fortwo, and its not looking good when you see the length of the hood. It ruins the Iconic shape of the smart Fortwo
  6. Think we are taking about two subjects here.The repair clip is just to hold the 'under bonnet' linkage together, ie, if one of your wiper arms has failed to move, due to linkage coming apart.My problem is not that, its just the wipers are are now miss-aligned a bit, but working fine. They just do not look tidy, not parallel.On the 450, you can get at the nuts easily to remove and readjust the wiper arms, but on the 451 which I have, you need to remove the vent trim below the arms, as it obstruct access to the nuts.This is the reason I was asking on this thread, to see if anyone has re-adjusted the wiper arms on a 451 and if you removed the vent trim for access, and if there are any hidden bolts at the wrap round parts at either end of the vent trim, or is is just remove all the torx bolts holding the vent trim and then pull out.
  7. You will have to reduce your possible causes first.On the passenger side its either...1...Front bulkhead/front windscreen seal2...Cabrio roof letting in at the seals3...Passenger Door/window sealsGet someone inside the car and throw water over it, to find out which of the above areas is causing the leak.Then its a case of close inspection.
  8. It seems to be quite a common problem on Fortwo's older than three years old, as I have seen quite a few with the same problem.I think miss-alignment of the wipers are to do with wiper clash, when strong side winds can cause the wipers to hit together. My wipers clashed twice with a bang last winter.
  9. Recently my wipers became non parallel when they are in parked position. They work ok, but visually does not look good On the 451 you cannot get at the nut to re-adjust the wiper arms, as only half the hole is showing, the other half is blocked by the vent plastic trim below. So tools cannot get in there, to undo the nut. Anyone sorted this out on their own Fortwo? Do you have to remove the vent trim below, its held by a few torx screws seen when you remove front cover off the car, but do not know if there are any hidden screws as the trim bends round the sides of the car, or if its just clipped in there. It makes an easy job look hard.
  10. On the 450 you do the above Evloution fix with black tape. On the 451 you do the above blacktape fix around the rear door glass catch, but oyu have to go further. You also have to put black tape around the lower door section catches, left and right. I did the all three catches recently to stop rattle..... Here is the right catch, the left catch is taped the same.....
  11. Well then, most of my writeup will suit, Cheers Colin
  12. You can buy on Ebay, an OEM filter is quite good. Shoud be around $20. As for fitting, you will find being LHD its on drivers side for access, so its quite easy, compared to us in the UK (RHD), we access on the passengers side. Here is my writeup when I fitted mine in March, some of the writeup will not affect you being LHD. But do note the direction of the flow arrow as thats important. Also when you take out your old filter you will see its age by the date stamp if its a Smart filter. Recommend fitting one every 2 years.
  13. Driving along yesterday in my 451 and hit a deep pothole, never thought much of it till I parked.Then when I got out, I looked on the passenger side, and the side indicator housing had came clean off the car panel and luckly was still hanging by its wiring.It seems the clip just became too slack, and the thud of the pothole finally jarred it off.It will no longer clip in and stay in, so I have used a few spots of epoxy two part adhesive, using black tape to hold it temporary to the panel, till it stuck back on. (about half an hour).Hope I do not need to change a bulb in the future, or I will have to use a flat blade screwdriver to prise it off :lol:So is this quite a common occurance with the side indicator, has it happened to you?Anything else I should watch for, falling off a 451
  14. Likely the bearing gone on the fan. (A lot of use, no doubt, being in Texas )Cheaper just to replace it, as your doing.