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  1. Thanks for the link, I just signed up. I have an older fleet carma tracker in our 2014 ED. It worked pretty well and there was a lot of data. I ran into connectivity/power issues after about 20 months. Looks like the new device is much more integrated though. The old fleetcarma site was quite good but you needed to do some spreadsheet work to get the most value out of it. Hopefully with the newer tech this will be a step forward.
  2. The DailyMail posted about a 2017 ED battery fire. Looks like at least one was delivered if the 2017 is the 453. The frame looks more like a 451. It will be interesting to follow the investigation. The EVSE is a burned out husk on the wall of the building. Good thing the car was outside. There is virtually nothing left of it.
  3. According to these guys the actual delivery of Smart 453 EDs started in Europe June 2017. fwiw.
  4. Happy Canada Day to you too !!! We're going for a drive in our ED
  5. Nice catalog Tolsen, Thanks!
  6. It looks to me like the Smart ED will limp along, at best, in NA. Inconsistent and sloppy messaging by MB/Smart management, lack of attention to the market requirements, poor delivery, etc. That just doesn't evoke brand confidence. There's definitely an existing prejudice for ICE in the market but that is something that will change as more and more EVs are on the road. We see it with our friends and colleagues. Three years ago it was a polite "well, you're a crazy treehugger, and that would never work for us" and now there is a lot of interest and consideration about a future EV purchase. If MB were serious they'd have at least boosted the battery a bit more and put in CCS. Heck, the iMiEV had ChaDeMo seven years ago, so its not that hard to do. Its a shame, because the 453 is a nice improvement on the 451. Sadly the ForFour ED has the same battery as the ForTwo, so it has less range, and no fast charging. And won't be sold in NA.
  7. I think you'll find it pretty difficult to find a new 451 ED in the US, at least from what's been posted on SCoA. There's plenty of off lease units. I'm pretty sure there are no new 451EDs in Toronto. They'd be a good buy with the new rebates. In Canada the dealerships didn't have final option lists and didn't have pricing. They don't have stock even though it appears they're shipping in Europe and were demoing them three months ago. MB claimed last year that they would start the EV model in NA. Then crickets. The earliest I've been quoted is September delivery, "maybe October". Your own experience... So maybe they will release them in Canada in August. Whatever that means. The whole "yellow, no blue, aaaaaaarrgh, splat" management confusion doesn't engender confidence. Not that I'm exactly thrilled with how either the Tesla Model 3 or the GM Bolt were rolled out, but they were 100% consistent on their messaging, and they're hitting their targets. I'm sure the NA market is an afterthought for MB, given most sales are elsewhere, but they just seem to be amateurish by comparison. Sorry for the rant. [ Wipes sweat from brow, sweeps up hair from floor ]
  8. For those of you who haven't seen the 453 ED review from THREE MONTHS AGO. MB is clearly being run by a bunch of minions with bananas on the brain...
  9. Without the pricing it's hard to say if the 453ED would be worth it. While fast charging would be nice, I can't see travelling across the province in 100km increments. The Smart will always be a city car, imnsho. If the price isn't too high, with the 13000 rebate, it could be a great, cheap to operate, EV. Still going to be a good second car.
  10. When we leased the 451 ED 3.5 years ago our logic was similar. 3 yrs, long time in tech. New EVs coming, including small Tesla. Lease vs buy was a risk mitigation strategy. Fast forward to the end of the lease and the market had matured, and there were lots of new cars on the horizon. But still not quite to the point where we'd ditch our aging Mazda 3 5dr and let the 451 ED go. So hmmmm, what to do? MB offered 6 months of "same payment" lease extension and a no lock-in 453 ED order. Financing charges would have sunk about $350 over the six months. We bought it, here's why. We do 99% of our driving in the Smart. The EV saves us about $2000 per year vs gasoline for the Mazda. The diagnostics on the battery show minimal degradation after 44,000 km with twice daily charging during the week. We've never been "stranded" with a long wait to charge. Maybe that's just us? Performs oddly well in the winter, even through a 4 hour commute in a blizzard. Maintenance so far has been filter, desiccant & fluids. All easy things to do myself. Repairs were some seals which MB did under warranty and I don't expect to have a problem with them again. Minimal rust, plastic body panels, tires wearing well. So, with the gas savings we see the car basically paying for itself in a few years. No other car we've ever had has done that. So the risks are low in terms of cost of capital vs cash flow. There were a few other things we thought about too. The car is easy to maintain yourself. Lots of repair parts available and DIY info. I put in a heated floor for winter use. Its a big improvement and easy to do. Off lease I can start hacking at it. New satnav etc. There are people we know who would likely buy it off us when we want to let it go. My wife has formed an emotional bond with it. I'm almost jealous. I'm vaguely curious how long it will last vs our experiences with old ICE cars. Not sure if that helps or not...
  11. Last I heard from MB Markham it was going to be October, which put it out of the running for me. Kept the 451. There are a lot of new EVs hitting the market this year. Although didn't someone say they already had one out west?
  12. That's good to know. I just bought out our lease from Markham. Not a huge delta. I don't suppose they have pricing yet?
  13. The US has that whole mess with BAP on the cars. It "appears" like MBFS is ignoring the battery ownership on resales, but I'm not sure I'd risk it for a Canadian purchase. 7-10K C$ is too close to the market value up here, with no BAP. Plus you likely have to get it certified by the government. We also have a reservation on a Model 3 to replace our Mazda 3. Our 451 ED will continue to be our commuter / runabout car even once the Model 3 arrives. It saves us so much money on gas and maintenance that I have a hard time imagining not having it for years. Cheap, fun to drive, easy to park, almost zero maintenance. What's not to like. A friend has also expressed interest in our Smart so I know it has a possible home if we should ever want to let it go.
  14. That's basically what we did. Both with the Bolt (8 months or so to delivery) and the ED (Sept/Oct maybe?). Both vendors seem to be treating them as compliance cars. The 451 ED is running very well and looks like it will be our beater for the next few years. Plus, heck, we like it.
  15. Hopefully we'll see the new pricing for Canada soon, since the US pricing was just released.