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  1. We had problems at the North York IKEA as well. I assumed the charger was broken because we've never had problems with any other L2 charger. Sun Country's support line was a joke. Left a message, no reply, no resolution etc.
  2. We bought our ED because its saving us about $2100 per year in ga$. We've had it four years and we normally keep our cars 10 years. So if it lasts another six years it will have paid for itself. Which will be the first time we've had a car that wasn't constantly followed by that toilet flushing sound of your money disappearing into ga$ and maintenance. Heck, if it died tomorrow and we couldn't repair it, I'd be more upset because we love the car rather than it being old tech that died.
  3. Excellent! Here's hoping you get it on the road soon. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.
  4. There was some interesting info in the Tesla Model 3 ERG so I went looking for the same kind of doc for the 451 ED. There's some informative stuff on the 3D cut-away diagram.
  5. Like the 500,000 - 1M ICE vehicles that will be written off from Harvey? Or the burning car in Florida? Or the abandoned, broken down or disabled vehicles on the Florida turnpike? How about being a little more concerned about the massive impacts of climate change on the millions of people who are having their lives ruined?
  6. We have a wall mounted L2 EVSE in the garage so we always pack the ED's L1 charger. Plus my wife charges at work to get a little bit of free power.
  7. I think most people (we do), pack a heavy duty grounded extension cord for use away from home. it will come in handy if you need to extend the included charging cable reach an outlet that's just a bit too far...
  8. I haven't found the overnight rates from Toronto Hydro to be outrageous. We pay about $20 a month for the car, or $240 a year. Their overnight rate of 0.065 / kWh is the same. Sounds like a gamble which is hard to predict. I'm pretty sure the house will win. :-/
  9. We're going to try to get to the event in Toronto:Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre1126 Finch Ave W, UNIT 1North York, ON M3J 3J610am - 4pm, September 9th
  10. I wish I could get a trip to Geneva and turn in a sloppy piece on an EV. 453 ED Cabrio "review" $31800 base for the Cabrio, no costing on options, implies Ontario rebate is pre-tax (wrong). Talks about driving to Vancouver (like what???). Complains about charging infrastructure and whines that the government has to solve the problem, or maybe the manufacturer. Seems completely unaware that there is electricity all over the country. Unaware of the 10x improvement in public charger availability in the last three years in Ontario. Has conflicting information about actual range versus the EPA numbers. Norris McDonald needs to put some actual effort into his EV articles. <sigh>
  11. Excellent!!! Can you feel the assembled crowd of enthusiasts hovering over your shoulder about to say "AND ...." "
  12. We have a 2014 ED. Leased it for 39 months, bought out the lease. Coming up on 50k km. We've had a two issues repaired under warranty Leaking differential fluid. Semi common problem early on. Its been fine for the past 3 years Replaced gasket in the coolant pump this past spring. Noticed this when looking in the motor bay. afaik, no issues. For winter feet warming I installed a seat heater kit under the OEM rubber mats. One pad left, one right. Highly recommended for winter operation. The car saves us about $2000 a year in gasoline relative to what we'd have been spending with our Mazda.
  13. Really looking forward to hearing all the details. Hope it all goes smooth as silk from here on in...
  14. yes. see the dash in the video.