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  1. Without the pricing it's hard to say if the 453ED would be worth it. While fast charging would be nice, I can't see travelling across the province in 100km increments. The Smart will always be a city car, imnsho. If the price isn't too high, with the 13000 rebate, it could be a great, cheap to operate, EV. Still going to be a good second car.
  2. When we leased the 451 ED 3.5 years ago our logic was similar. 3 yrs, long time in tech. New EVs coming, including small Tesla. Lease vs buy was a risk mitigation strategy. Fast forward to the end of the lease and the market had matured, and there were lots of new cars on the horizon. But still not quite to the point where we'd ditch our aging Mazda 3 5dr and let the 451 ED go. So hmmmm, what to do? MB offered 6 months of "same payment" lease extension and a no lock-in 453 ED order. Financing charges would have sunk about $350 over the six months. We bought it, here's why. We do 99% of our driving in the Smart. The EV saves us about $2000 per year vs gasoline for the Mazda. The diagnostics on the battery show minimal degradation after 44,000 km with twice daily charging during the week. We've never been "stranded" with a long wait to charge. Maybe that's just us? Performs oddly well in the winter, even through a 4 hour commute in a blizzard. Maintenance so far has been filter, desiccant & fluids. All easy things to do myself. Repairs were some seals which MB did under warranty and I don't expect to have a problem with them again. Minimal rust, plastic body panels, tires wearing well. So, with the gas savings we see the car basically paying for itself in a few years. No other car we've ever had has done that. So the risks are low in terms of cost of capital vs cash flow. There were a few other things we thought about too. The car is easy to maintain yourself. Lots of repair parts available and DIY info. I put in a heated floor for winter use. Its a big improvement and easy to do. Off lease I can start hacking at it. New satnav etc. There are people we know who would likely buy it off us when we want to let it go. My wife has formed an emotional bond with it. I'm almost jealous. I'm vaguely curious how long it will last vs our experiences with old ICE cars. Not sure if that helps or not...
  3. Last I heard from MB Markham it was going to be October, which put it out of the running for me. Kept the 451. There are a lot of new EVs hitting the market this year. Although didn't someone say they already had one out west?
  4. That's good to know. I just bought out our lease from Markham. Not a huge delta. I don't suppose they have pricing yet?
  5. The US has that whole mess with BAP on the cars. It "appears" like MBFS is ignoring the battery ownership on resales, but I'm not sure I'd risk it for a Canadian purchase. 7-10K C$ is too close to the market value up here, with no BAP. Plus you likely have to get it certified by the government. We also have a reservation on a Model 3 to replace our Mazda 3. Our 451 ED will continue to be our commuter / runabout car even once the Model 3 arrives. It saves us so much money on gas and maintenance that I have a hard time imagining not having it for years. Cheap, fun to drive, easy to park, almost zero maintenance. What's not to like. A friend has also expressed interest in our Smart so I know it has a possible home if we should ever want to let it go.
  6. That's basically what we did. Both with the Bolt (8 months or so to delivery) and the ED (Sept/Oct maybe?). Both vendors seem to be treating them as compliance cars. The 451 ED is running very well and looks like it will be our beater for the next few years. Plus, heck, we like it.
  7. Hopefully we'll see the new pricing for Canada soon, since the US pricing was just released.
  8. Are you sure that's not coming over the speakers? Our unit doesn't make any sound when it is on (pretty much always), and definitely nothing when it is muted (press on the dial button). The AM radio gets a lot of interference from overhead power transformers. The screen motor makes small electric motor noises when the eject is pushed. I think that's about it.
  9. Not that I'm saying is the best place, but they currently show 25 EDs in Canada with the cheapest one $10k. And its very basic. The market value seems to be a bit higher here and inline with our buyout. That's just over 2% of all Canadian EDs (1141), which doesn't seem oddly high. I'm not convinced that MB is taking a beating on the returned vehicles. Although they may be hiding something or playing other games. fwiw, autotrader lists 175 used LEAFs out of a total of 5037 sold (3.4%). Much less for Tesla of course.
  10. That's what we have too.
  11. You *should* be able to get a better lease payment. However, if MB raises the price by a few thousand then we're back to where we were before. The 13000 rebate comes off of the after tax sale price, and it is paid to MBFS. So assume your MSRP is 29,000 and with the tax you're looking at 32,700. Less 13,000 is 19,700. Which is a couple of thousand less than what we financed for our 451 ED. Plus they may put a different residual on the lease, or a different rate. But if they increase the price of the options, etc. then that gets wiped out pretty easily. Sadly, any speculation before we know the real numbers is just speculation. Just remember that in the fall there will be quite a few new BEVs. New Smart, Leaf, Golf, and Tesla. Updated Soul, maybe an i3. Plus a bunch of PHEVs. The market is changing quickly. GM might even produce enough Bolts to make them available faster than 6-8 months...
  12. I guess I wasn't clear. They have only three ED of ANY trim ordered. Assuming the guy had his filters set properly and wasn't jerking me around. He seemed pretty up front. That might change once they get final pricing and option lists. I went through the process of picking a Design Red and Black, poly roof, LCD satnav, LED lights etc (so pretty loaded) and he had to feed it into the system as a scratch order. Sigh. I hope its just that they are waiting for final details. With the rebate in Ontario as long as they don't raise the MSRP stupidly, they should be rolling them out the door on rockets.
  13. I was quoted 1.9% APR with a loyalty discount. So it kinda depends on the sale price for something without a price. I'd guess somewhere in the 150-200 range given the 13,000 rebate in Ontario and a slightly higher sale price.
  14. Thought I should pass this on info for others in the area. Our 451 ED lease was just up so I had reason to visit the MB offices. I let MB sales do their dog and pony show to try to convince us to get a new vehicle. First up the salesman tried to sell me an ICE, but got the message when I was clear I wasn't interested in anything other than an EV. He didn't mention that the current ICE Smarts were EOL, but admitted it after I asked. Took a test drive in the 453 ICE. Nice turning circle, "less firm" suspension. Noisy compared to ED. Ok, but way below the ED for acceleration. The base level unit did not have the nice adjustable seats, and does not have an adjustable steering wheel. Based on what I was shown, Toronto corporate stores have only 3 base trim coupe 453 EDs on order (black on black, no options). No current pricing. No info on Cabrios. Polycarbonate roof is an option TPMS was listed as both a base and an option. (US Kit info maybe) LED lights (DRL, rears) are optional and include a fog kit. Main headlight is an H4 non-LED if I interpreted correctly. LCD panel satnav option, includes backup camera Ambient light kit option is separate from LED headlights Not much else to choose from No body panel kits available No red seats (black, black-gray, black-orange) Time to delivery from May '17 would be Sep/Oct '17. Putting in an order and then extending the 451 ED lease for 5 months would have cost us 8% of the 451 buy out, 1/3 of which would have been financing costs. We ended up purchasing the 451 ED because it saves us about $2000 a year. Plus my wife seems to have bonded with it at an emotional level. :-/ Now I can start hacking the 451 There were no Smarts on the showroom floor. Salesman hadn't sold an EV before but was responsible for Smart sales. Nice guy, and very helpful, generous with his time. I'd certainly consider ordering though him if we were going to get another ED. Hope that helps others.
  15. Check the firmware version once you get it and post it. I'll check the version in ours (2014 ED) later this week. I know we have the most up to date one because I asked the service folks to update it for the spring service. The dealer should be able to run the update for you regardless.