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  1. There's also the Free2Go rack I thought the OEM unit was a buy the frame, buy the add-on subrack, pay through the nose.... If its C$250 though, that seems reasonable.
  2. There's an DIY project where you can build your own tester. Pretty simple project, works well.
  3. Yes if the car is in good condition, passes a battery test etc. I'd pass on the 2yr warranty and put the $2400 towards some bank stocks.
  4. Are you asking 453 or 451 body style? The warranty on our 2014 ED (451) was worth it while we had it. Two significant repairs were covered. Although the cost of the required services is kinda nasty for what they do. You could ask the dealer to show you the maintenance logs. Was it regularly maintained?, any significant problems etc. We bought ours out at the end of the lease because its been saving us about $2100 in gas savings and that means in a few years it will pay for itself. Definitely the cheapest car we've ever owned when you factor in all the other cost savings.
  5. A used 451 ED (with battery) near Toronto is going for about C$ 10000 +/- 1000. Plus tax. There are quite a few so you might be able to haggle. kilometers seems to range from about 10k to about 55k. Ours has about 60k on it, does 450km / week, and we plan to drive it to death. I'd love to figure out the specs for the battery interface, it seems like you should be able to build your own as the prices continue to drop on the cells.
  6. I'm not sure that's true. The battery is in a canister that is bolted into a hole under the bottom of the car. The metal canister has plugs for HV, controls and coolant. Have a look on youtube for a manufacturing video (older version of the battery).
  7. I can't comment on Europe, but in Canada all the used Smart EDs that I've seen include the battery. I'm not sure why anyone would remove the battery. Without it the car would have little value.
  8. -30 might be challenging unless its plugged in. In the 451 model there is a heater element in the battery coolant line that comes on below -10C, but only if the car is plugged in. Ours spends nights in our garage but days outside in the cold where it charges from 120V at my wife's office. It has definitely done sub -15 ish. Available energy drops off pretty quickly below -10. We did take it out in -23 for a drive Saturday and 23 km took about 40% of the available battery capacity. hope that helps.
  9. And only 75 of those were EVs. Compared that to 2014 when they sold 561 451 EDs in Canada. What a massive failure by Mercedes Benz.
  10. Someone else may find this interesting. This is a chart of our 451's reported energy usage in Wh/km vs ambient temperature. It consists of 96 trips of at least 10 km from October to December. I pulled it together from our fleetcarma vehicle tracker data. Kudos to FleetCarma for a nice product. Under 10 km there is a lot of variability, and particularly so as the trip distances drop down to 1-2 km. I'd assume that's quick acceleration, hill climbing or something similar skewing the values for a short trip.
  11. Firstly, the number of data points is relatively low, so statistically it is a bit dubious to draw major conclusions. However, this isn't the first time this kind of data has been shown for EVs. In looking at these numbers you should be aware that we only use the cabin heater for defrosting the windows. We have a set of seat warmers under the floor mats to keep our feet warm. Roughly speaking I have a few observations from the data At any given temperature there is a lot of variability in energy efficiency. So road, wind, traffic and driving style have a significant effect. Maybe on the order of 50%. As expected, there is a bit of an upward hook in energy usage when the temperature drops below -5C. That's just physics. Looking at our FleetCarma overview it says we have an average efficiency of 132 Wh/km over 2062 km. Again, small data set. Numbers for a Tesla Model S seem to be anywhere from about 175 to 225 Wh/km. So the 451 is a lot more efficient than a Model S, even though it has the aerodynamics of a brick. Under -5C the car becomes progressively less pleasant to drive. Shorter range, weaker performance, battery sucking heating system. I'll try to remember to post an update in the spring, after we have more data.
  12. Yesterday our ED started thumping in the engine compartment when the pedal was released and the regen starts. It almost sounds like something is loose, and when the motor switches over it "moves". I had a quick look last night but didn't see anything. Any thoughts and/or recommendations? Other that take it for service...
  13. So when you say 'brats', is it anything like the ABS self check on the 451? It certainly sounds like something cutting in and out.
  14. So that turned out to be a couple of loose bolts on the right rear tire. After torquing it down the problem disappeared. Yay for simple problems!
  15. The dealership should be able to read out the service history on the vehicle since I think all the MB dealers are linked together. Wouldn't hurt to ask for it for peace of mind. We have 56K on ours and it is happily zipping along doing about 450km a week, mostly in commutes. There are a couple of things I recommend you check before going in for service. Check the coolant level and look in the motor compartment at the coolant pump (left side at top) to see if there's been any leaking around the seals. Check the differential (underneath the car) to see if there has been any fluid leakage. We noticed leaks in both systems early on and we were able to get the dealer to do both repairs under warranty. No problem since. If you are comfortable with electronics and programming, or know someone who would do it for you, there is a battery diagnostics tool you can build on the cheap for the 451 ED. Since you're not close to an ED dealer you might want to buy a desiccant cartridge at the parts counter when you're in for service. Put it in the freezer and you'll have one handy in two years when it needs to be replaced. Hope everything goes well for you.
  16. You'll definitely have winter fade on the battery capacity. My wife drives ours to work (54km each way) and at -10C it usually takes about 60% one way. I highly recommend installing an aftermarket heated seat kit in the car with one pad under each rubber mat. We have OEMs. Keeps your feet warm and that means you only need the cabin heater for defog. How many km are on the car? Regular service is almost non-existent other than at the 2 yr marks. That requires a brake flush which can be done basically anywhere, including Saint John MB. However you'll also need a desiccant cartridge for the battery, which is cheap and screws into the bottom of the battery. About $35 and 10 minutes work with a large torx driver (19mm??). MB should be able to order one for you I would think.
  17. I just wanted to follow up on the IKEA problem. At least at North York they seem to have fixed it. We were there last weekend and the car connected OK and charged. We picked up about 10% charge while we were in the store. It was also nice to see the crowd of EVs. IKEA has six spots set aside for EV charging and with us, 5 were occupied by charging cars. A couple of Leafs, a C-Max PHEV, a Bolt and us. When we left there was a Ford Fusion PHEV patiently waiting for the L2.
  18. We had problems at the North York IKEA as well. I assumed the charger was broken because we've never had problems with any other L2 charger. Sun Country's support line was a joke. Left a message, no reply, no resolution etc.
  19. Thought I should pass this on info for others in the area. Our 451 ED lease was just up so I had reason to visit the MB offices. I let MB sales do their dog and pony show to try to convince us to get a new vehicle. First up the salesman tried to sell me an ICE, but got the message when I was clear I wasn't interested in anything other than an EV. He didn't mention that the current ICE Smarts were EOL, but admitted it after I asked. Took a test drive in the 453 ICE. Nice turning circle, "less firm" suspension. Noisy compared to ED. Ok, but way below the ED for acceleration. The base level unit did not have the nice adjustable seats, and does not have an adjustable steering wheel. Based on what I was shown, Toronto corporate stores have only 3 base trim coupe 453 EDs on order (black on black, no options). No current pricing. No info on Cabrios. Polycarbonate roof is an option TPMS was listed as both a base and an option. (US Kit info maybe) LED lights (DRL, rears) are optional and include a fog kit. Main headlight is an H4 non-LED if I interpreted correctly. LCD panel satnav option, includes backup camera Ambient light kit option is separate from LED headlights Not much else to choose from No body panel kits available No red seats (black, black-gray, black-orange) Time to delivery from May '17 would be Sep/Oct '17. Putting in an order and then extending the 451 ED lease for 5 months would have cost us 8% of the 451 buy out, 1/3 of which would have been financing costs. We ended up purchasing the 451 ED because it saves us about $2000 a year. Plus my wife seems to have bonded with it at an emotional level. :-/ Now I can start hacking the 451 There were no Smarts on the showroom floor. Salesman hadn't sold an EV before but was responsible for Smart sales. Nice guy, and very helpful, generous with his time. I'd certainly consider ordering though him if we were going to get another ED. Hope that helps others.
  20. We bought our ED because its saving us about $2100 per year in ga$. We've had it four years and we normally keep our cars 10 years. So if it lasts another six years it will have paid for itself. Which will be the first time we've had a car that wasn't constantly followed by that toilet flushing sound of your money disappearing into ga$ and maintenance. Heck, if it died tomorrow and we couldn't repair it, I'd be more upset because we love the car rather than it being old tech that died.
  21. Excellent! Here's hoping you get it on the road soon. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.
  22. There was some interesting info in the Tesla Model 3 ERG so I went looking for the same kind of doc for the 451 ED. There's some informative stuff on the 3D cut-away diagram.
  23. Like the 500,000 - 1M ICE vehicles that will be written off from Harvey? Or the burning car in Florida? Or the abandoned, broken down or disabled vehicles on the Florida turnpike? How about being a little more concerned about the massive impacts of climate change on the millions of people who are having their lives ruined?
  24. We have a wall mounted L2 EVSE in the garage so we always pack the ED's L1 charger. Plus my wife charges at work to get a little bit of free power.
  25. I think most people (we do), pack a heavy duty grounded extension cord for use away from home. it will come in handy if you need to extend the included charging cable reach an outlet that's just a bit too far...