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  1. what on the earth are you talking about here ? With the Smart being towed four wheels on the ground, you must allow the front two wheels to turn freely, so you must disconnect the steering wheel lock by inserting the key in the ignition and leaving it in the accessory position. This is why I had a battery disconnect switch installed, so I can easily disconnect the battery while the car is being towed, otherwise with the key in the accessory position, the battery would be dead by the time you got to your destination.
  2. Hi John & Angela, I decided against a trailer as I found it more cumbersome than a simple unhitch. When we park for the night I like to be able to unhitch the Smart so we can go into the nearest town for dinner and entertainment. Have not been in Palm Springs, although we were near last year as we came down deom Canada through death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon and on towards Florida.
  3. When I bought my 2006 Smart for Two Cabriolet two years ago, I joined this club to search for an answer to a troubling question; are Smart Cars towable. Every response I received was negative, except for a letter I found posted on the internet by the CEO of the ompany that manufactured the Smart transmission. He gave an eloquent technical analysis of all the reasons why the transmission would not be damaged if the car was towed for long distances. I can now proudly let everyone know that I have towed theSmart behind my 40ft RV twice across North America for a total of 40,000 kms and the car runs the same as the day I bought it. Absolutely no problems. The only problem that I did encounter was not tying down the steering wheel tight enough with bungy cords and the wheels locked at an angle and I dragged the car for a number of kms substantially wearing down the front tires. Lesson learned, never happened again. For those wishing to tow their Smart, there is a significant work required to install the tow pacckage behind the Smart bumper. I also had a battery disconnect switch installed so I coukd disconnect the battery with the flip of a switch. Next I wpould leave the transmission in neutral, leave the key in the ignition in the accesory position (so the wheel could turn freely, tie down the steering wheel to the driver's seat with twwo very stiff rubber bungy cords, and that's it. Oh one more thing: be sure to disengage your hand brake . Happy towing!!!
  4. I am trying to replace a right hand door mirror on a 06 Smart. The only replacement mirror I can find has a heater coil installed. My car does not have the heater in the mirror. Would the new mirror still fit my car, understanding that the heater would of course not be functional.